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Why Is Aluminum Tube Pipe So Selling, What Are The Advantages?

Jun 13, 2017

Why is Aluminum Tube Pipe so selling, what are the advantages?
 Many people think that Aluminum Tube Pipe is too expensive, not as iron and stainless steel to the actual point, but we have not thought about, in recent years, Aluminum Tube Pipe industry development so quickly why? Not because it is easy to use? Or how would it be a little bit of alternative iron? And many people still stubborn that the Aluminum Tube Pipe tube is too expensive, the cost is too high, not worth, then today Xiaobian to tell you, why Aluminum Tube Pipe is still expensive or selling!

Aluminum Tube Pipe tube, that is, Aluminum Tube Pipe rods by hot melt, squeeze, so as to get different cross-sectional shape of Aluminum Tube Pipe. So what are the advantages of Aluminum Tube Pipe tubes compared with traditional machinery manufacturing materials?

Aluminum Tube Pipe Tubes Compared with traditional mechanical manufacturing materials, the use of high-strength industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe extrusion profiles, such as carbon steel and stainless steel, offers the following advantages:

1. The production process is simple: only design, cut off / drilling, the combination can be completed; and traditional materials usually through the design, cutting / drilling, welding, sandblasting / surface treatment, surface spraying and other complex processes.

2. Material can be reused: As the use of industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe pipe parts in the production process without heat welding, so the parts can be easily removed, all materials and accessories can be reused; and traditional materials due to cutting deformation and high The amount of disassembly costs and other reasons the fact that very little reuse.

3. Save time: the production process is simple, can save a lot of working hours cost; especially in the production error due to rework, than the use of traditional materials can save several times the working hours.

4. The production of high precision: the production process has not experienced hot welding, material deformation, so the assembly of high precision; and the use of hot welding of traditional materials is inevitable to deformation, thus affecting the final assembly accuracy.

5. The appearance of gorgeous: the use of industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe pipe equipment appearance more modern, its unique anodized coating than the existing variety of coating methods more solid and stable.