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What Is The Quality Identification Method Of Aluminum Profile

Sep 08, 2017

What is the quality identification method of Aluminum Profile

Aluminum alloy construction profiles is for the processing of aluminium alloy door, window, glass curtain wall and a aluminum alloy hot extrusion profiles used for decoration, have qualitative light, beautiful, durable characteristics, widely used in all kinds of construction and renovation.

This paper mainly introduces several simple methods for the identification of anodized shading profiles:

Check: whether the Aluminum Profile and the packaging are marked with the product standard code and the production license number.

Surface quality: in addition to the aluminum surface should be clean, not allowed to have defects such as cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubble, also there is no corrosion spot, electric burns, shading, defects such as oxidation film falls off.

Oxide film thickness: the oxide film of Aluminum Profile is formed in anodic oxidation, which has protective and decorative functions. The eddy current thickness gauge can be used for testing.

Corrosion resistance: this index mainly affects the life of Aluminum Profile. The test of corrosion resistance of copper - accelerated acetate - fog test and alkali - dropping test. Here's a test of the drops. Is under 35 ℃ + 1 ℃, about 10 mg, 100 g/L NaOH solution drops to the surface of aluminum extrusions, visual observation until bubbling corrosion caused droplet, calculation of the oxide film was through time. The test is easy to make in the summer outdoor, and to ensure the accuracy of the test, it must be carried out under the strict conditions of the laboratory.

Welding is a common step in Aluminum Profile processing. Aluminum Profile should be cleaned up before welding. There are two kinds of cleaning methods:

1. Chemical cleaning: the chemical cleaning efficiency is high and the quality is stable, which is suitable for cleaning the welding wire and the small size and batch production. It can be used in both baptizing and scrubbing. Available acetone surface to oil, gasoline, kerosene and other organic solvents, with 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ 5% ~ 10% naoh solution alkaline cleaning 3 min ~ 7 min (pure aluminium time slightly longer, but not more than 20 min), water flow, with the 30% hno3 solution at room temperature to 60 ℃ then pickling 1 min ~ 3 min, flowing water, dry or dry at low temperature.

2. Mechanical cleaning: mechanical cleaning is often used when the workpiece is larger in size, longer in production cycle, after multi-layer welding or chemical cleaning. First, use the organic solvent such as acetone and gasoline to clean the surface to remove oil, then brush with copper wire brush or stainless steel wire brush with a diameter of 0.15mm ~ 0.2mm, and brush until the metallic luster is revealed. It is not recommended to use grinding wheel or ordinary sandpaper to prevent sand particles from remaining on the metal surface, and to enter into the molten pool for defects such as slag. Also can use scraper, file to clean the surface of solder.

It is not only the cleaning work, but all the preparation work to better ensure the welding effect of Aluminum Profile, so that the final processing effect is better.

Aluminum Profile the advantages of good rigidity, strong rigidity, good fire retardancy, excellent thermal insulation properties, high strength, large lighting area, atmospheric corrosion resistance, excellent comprehensive performance, service life is long, adornment effect is good, Aluminum Profile use high-grade heat insulation aluminum alloy doors and Windows profiles, is the first choice for high-grade architectural Windows, median household decorates products. The water tightness and tightness of the aluminum door and window are good, and all have reached the national A1 class window standard, whose thermal conductivity K value is 3W/m2? Below K, the heat loss of normal doors and Windows is reduced by half, reducing heating costs by around 30%, and the sound insulation is over 29 decibels. Aluminum doors and Windows are used as the main structure of heat insulating aluminum and insulating glass. It has the functions of sound insulation, energy saving, dust proof, noise reduction and waterproofing.