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What Are The Precautions For The Installation Of Aluminum Profile Heat Sink

Jul 09, 2020

    Aluminum profile heat sink have plastic thermal conductivity that steel does not have, and are widely used, such as new energy, power supplies, electric welding machines and other industries. In order for the aluminum profile heat sink to exert a better heat dissipation effect, users need to pay attention to the following items when installing the aluminum profile heat sink.

Aluminum profile heat sink

    1. Under normal circumstances, aluminum profile heat sinks can be installed vertically as far as possible, but not too close to other components, so as to facilitate air convection. The profile heat sink should be installed outside the cabinet as much as possible. When the heat sink is installed in the machine, sufficient ventilation holes should be opened in the cabinet near the heat sink, and if necessary, a fan must be added to force convection cooling.

aluminum profile heat sink

    2. When installing aluminum heat sinks, try to avoid using insulating pads, so as to ensure that high-power components and heat sinks can make good contact. It is also necessary to ensure that the contact surface of the power element and the aluminum profile heat sink is smooth and smooth, which is more conducive to heat dissipation.

aluminum profile heat sink

    3. If insulation is needed between the power component shell and the heat sink in the equipment, an insulation pad can be added, but the thickness of the insulation pad must be between 0.08 and 0.12 mm. The power element also needs to be fastened to the center of the aluminum profile heat sink with spring washers and screws.