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What Are The Advantages Of The Industrial Aluminum Profile?

Sep 18, 2017

What are the advantages of the Industrial Aluminum Profile?
Industrial Aluminum Profile is a kind of nonmetallic alloy widely used in the field of mechanical automation industry, machine frame, table and so on. It has such a wide range of application space and its own advantages, so the Aluminum Profile itself has What are the advantages of performance?
 Aluminum Profile's designers summarize the following:
1, Aluminum Profile in the production process using a hot, cold two processes, a strong corrosion resistance.
2, Aluminum Profile compared with other commonly used metal density, light weight, copper or iron 1/3, in the course of the use of the need to consider the required weight.
3, relative to other metal materials, Aluminum Profile of plasticity, good production, for the production of a very good advantage.
4, Aluminum Profile has a very good performance, with a lot of metal elements can produce light alloy, material quality.
5, Aluminum Profile with modular and multi-functional, fast structure can be an ideal mechanical equipment coat.
6, good surface treatment performance, the appearance of bright color, without paint.
7, the elastic coefficient is small, the collision can not afford to sparks, the best in the car process.
8, no metal pollution, no toxicity, surface oxide layer without volatile metal.
 Want to know what you usually see the Aluminum Profile looks beautiful, how is the surface smooth? Today we have a brief understanding of the extruded aluminum Profile to do what treatment.
Industrial Aluminum Profile In the extrusion process, such as extrusion die is not very good or die extrusion Industrial Aluminum Profile too much, industrial Aluminum Profile appearance will be squeezed marks, hand may touch the industrial Aluminum Profile appearance is uneven, in order to So that the appearance of industrial Aluminum Profile smooth and smooth, not touching indentation marks, industrial Aluminum Profile factory generally first with alkaline water erosion, erosion out squeeze marks.
Second, the industrial Aluminum Profile as the outer envelope requirements of good sealing, the current powder electrostatic spraying has become the domestic industrial Aluminum Profile appearance of the popular coating. Especially the glass industry Aluminum Profile its opening department area requirements should not be greater than the curtain wall area of 15%: and open the department should use the suspension structure, open angle should not be greater than 45 degrees.
Third, the industrial Aluminum Profile with powder coating combined with thermal transfer technology will make it more fashionable, so that the powder coating of the profile device has a greater room for development.
Fourth, the aluminum alloy with high strength, light weight, not strong, strong resistance to erosion, good plasticity, deformation is small, non-polluting, non-toxic, fire strong, long life (up to 50-100 years) Good recovery, can be re-furnace re-refining. China's industrial Aluminum Profile industry known as the sun industry, after nearly 50 years of development, production has been ranked first in the world. Sandblasting technology is a common method of industrial aluminum profile appearance disposal in recent years, with special sand high-speed jet grinding industrial aluminum Profile appearance extrusion marks.
Industrial Aluminum Profile surface can quickly generate oxide film, the thickness of about 0.01 ~ 0.015μm, PH value of 4 to 8.5 without chloride ions in the case, with good corrosion resistance. But in the offshore or chemical plants and other corrosive environment will appear white corrosion spots. In order to extend the industrial Aluminum Profile life, often need to paint.
Industrial Aluminum Profile The surface treatment before painting is less sandblasting, the aluminum surface is relatively smooth, if there is no surface treatment, the coating on the aluminum surface adhesion is low, and corrosion resistance is relatively low, sometimes under the paint line Corrosion. So the aluminum surface in the paint before the need for proper surface treatment. There are three main methods of its treatment, including electrochemical anodic oxidation, chemical solution oxidation, phosphating primer. Anodizing or chemical solution after the completion of the surface should be painted as soon as possible, not more than 24 hours. If more than 24 hours, the adhesion decreased. At this point can be re-phosphating primer primer, or then solution treatment. The reason is that the new anodic oxide film surface is porous, the organic coating has a good adhesion, if shelved for a long time, the aging of the oxide film and reduce the adhesion.