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Welding Knowledge Of Aluminum Tube Pipe

Sep 08, 2017

Welding knowledge of Aluminum Tube Pipe

Aluminum and aluminum alloys have high thermal conductivity, large thermal capacity, large expansion coefficient, low melting point and low temperature strength, etc. It is difficult to weld, so it is necessary to take some measures to ensure the quality of welding.

We need to know some knowledge about the welding of Aluminum Tube Pipes.

1. The welding rod cannot be heated with the welding gun to dip the welding powder, because the welding rod is too low.

2. The welding one-time successful effect is better, because the Aluminum Tube Pipe melt cutting tool is too low, the second reheating, the Aluminum Tube Pipe is easy to deform.

3. The bladder must be protected with a wet towel, because the welding space is very small, so be sure to protect the refrigerator.

4. The torch should not be too long and must be heated with a micro fire, otherwise the dispersing Aluminum Tube Pipe will be very easy to melt.

5. After welding, it is necessary to wait for the pipe to be cooled by the nylon wire for two or three minutes, otherwise the solder is easy to leak.

6. The welding rod must be evenly applied to ensure the quality of the solder.

7. The welding time cannot be too long, because the melting point is too low too long, it can cause the wall of the aluminum pipe to melt or become thinner, and the pressure can be easily leaked.

8. The solder can't be heated with the welding gun to dip the welding powder, as this electrode melts too low.

Aluminium tube is a popular kind of pipe in the market, because of its light, durable and convenient construction, its flexibility is more suitable for use in home decoration. The main drawback is that when used as a hot water pipe, the long term heat expansion and shrinkage can cause the pipe wall to be misaligned so as to cause leakage. The inner outer layer of Aluminum Tube Pipe is special polyethylene. It is clean, non-toxic and smooth. More than 50 years can be used. The intermediate aluminum layer can be 100% insulated from gas penetration, and the advantages of both metal and plastic tubing are removed, and the disadvantages are eliminated.

The Aluminum Tube Pipe is a new type of pipe which is composed of the middle longitudinal welded aluminum pipe, the inner and outer layer polyethylene plastics and the hot melt glue between the layer and the layer. Polyethylene is a nontoxic, odorless plastic with good impact resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Middle tier longitudinal welding aluminum alloy pipe has metal compression strength, impact resistance ability to make flexible pipe does not rebound, Aluminum Tube Pipe with tube is strong pressure and resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance of the two characteristics of plastic piping, is a model of a new generation of tubing. Aluminum-plastic pipe (aluminum) is of relatively popular a kind of canal on market, the market at present is famous with certificate and kinder, because its are qualitative light, durable and construction is convenient, and aluminum-plastic tubes () Aluminum Tube Pipe bending is more suitable for use in domestic outfit. The main drawback of the Aluminum Tube Pipe (Aluminum Tube Pipe) is that when used as a hot water pipe, due to the long-term heat expansion and shrinkage, the pipe wall is misaligned so that leakage can be caused. Beijing use many village is aluminous model canal (Aluminum Tube Pipe), decorating idea relatively new guangdong and Shanghai, lu: su tube (Aluminum Tube Pipe) has already gradually did not have the market, the current aluminum composite pipe (Aluminum Tube Pipe) in Beijing market is relatively active, believe in the near future, Beijing market aluminum-plastic tubes (Aluminum Tube Pipe) will face elimination.

According to the classification of use, there are ordinary drinking water pipes, high temperature resistant pipes, gas pipes, various pipe characteristics and USES:

Aluminum Tube Pipe for ordinary drinking water: white L logo, applicable range: water of life, condensation water, oxygen, compressed air, other chemical liquid pipelines.

2 high temperature resistant with aluminium tube: red R logo, it is mainly used for long term working temperature 95 ℃ hot water and heating pipe system.

3. Gas tube: yellow Q logo, mainly used for conveying natural gas, liquefied gas, gas piping system.

When pipeline construction, the corresponding technical regulations must be met.