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There Are Five Main Reasons For The Failure Of Aluminum Profile

Jun 28, 2017

There are five main reasons for the failure of Aluminum Profile
I plant technical staff based on practical experience that the emergence of non-conforming Aluminum Profile are mainly caused by man-made, there are five main reasons:
1, raw materials mixed
There are many aluminum enterprises, relying on the quality of the market awareness has not yet been established, although the vast majority of enterprises have the ability to produce qualified products, but some companies in order to reduce costs, low prices to participate in market competition, to shorten the time of oxidation means, Or in the production of raw materials into the recovery of aluminum or different composition of aluminum and so on.
2, the gate is not strict
As the manufacturer of raw materials to control lax, raw materials, chemical content does not meet the requirements of the content requirements, or in the processing of raw materials mixed with impurities, resulting in the production of aluminum profiles of chemical elements seriously exceeded.
3, the determination is not timely
In the aluminum profile coating process, the concentration of the solution used in accordance with the requirements of the preparation, in the determination of the concentration of the solution is not timely, inaccurate, resulting in thinner oxide film, less than the standard thickness.
4, cut corners
In order to achieve the purpose of reducing production costs, manufacturers in the production process cut corners, or the use of mold quality failure, a direct result of aluminum profiles of the wall thickness of the rod is not up to standard.
5, fraud
Because the producers and distributors as the basis for the settlement of the weight, and dealers and users, consumers are based on the area for the settlement, resulting in wall problems on the issue of the article are also common.
At present, China's production of aluminum profiles of profiles in the level, the type has been quite with foreign countries. Product categories can be divided into: anodized coloring profiles, electrophoretic paint profiles, powder spray profiles, fluorocarbon paint spray profiles, insulation profiles. Aluminum profiles of building products with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, good decoration, long life, rich colors, etc., for the home decoration to add luster to the environment. Usually, the good product its surface in 20 years, without losing light, do not change color.
Consumers in the purchase and use of aluminum profiles profiles should pay attention to the following points:
1, check the product factory certificate, pay attention to the date of manufacture, specifications, technical conditions, business name and production license number.
2, carefully look at the product surface conditions, the product should be bright colors, good gloss, the surface can not have obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects.
3, we must pay attention to the product wall thickness, door, window product thickness should not be less than 1.2mm.
4, pay attention to the thickness of the product surface coating, anodized product thickness of not less than 10μm, electrophoretic paint product thickness of not less than 17μm, powder coating thickness does not exceed 40-120μm range, fluorocarbon paint Products should be more than two coating, not less than 30μm.
5, the coastal areas of the user, the best choice for good corrosion resistance electrophoretic paint profiles, powder coating profiles or fluorocarbon spray profiles products.
Maintenance and maintenance
1, routine maintenance, can not use brushes and other hard objects as a cleaning tool, should choose soft cotton and cotton.
2, cleaning can use water, washing the spirit and soap, but can not use other organic matter.