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The Choice Of Tool In CNC Machining Is Very Important

Apr 16, 2019

The choice of tool in CNC Machining is very important
In the CNC Machining, the choice of tool is very important, but on this aspect of knowledge, has not been introduced in front, so need to fill up as soon as possible. So Xiao Bian on the use of this opportunity to specifically introduce, mainly on how to choose this aspect, so that we can understand, rather than a blank.
1. CNC tool selection principle
In general, the life of the tool is closely related to the amount of cutting, so the amount of cutting tools, the choice of the tool is very important. Tool life is generally the highest and lowest points, the former is related to single work, while the latter is related to the cost of the process.
When we consider the life of the tool, we should be based on the complexity of the tool, manufacturing costs to be determined. If it is used to operate more complex multi-knife mechanical equipment, then you should choose a high life expectancy, and the reliability is better.
CNC tool, it is a kind of tool, it is more than the requirements of the ordinary tool, not only need good rigidity, strength and accuracy, but also requires dimensional stability, durability is good.
2. CNC turning tool selection
CNC turning tools, it is generally a type of turning tools, sharp knives and arc-shaped turning of these three categories. We should be in the selection, should be combined with the characteristics of CNC Machining, to fully consider, and also take into account the tool itself, in order to choose the most appropriate.
3. The choice of tool for CNC Machining
The main requirements for CNC Machining tools are: have enough rigidity, and can be used very well. So, we have to take these into account in order to choose the most appropriate.
In CNC Machining, what problems will be encountered? How to solve these problems? This is also a relatively troublesome problem in the NC processing, today Xiaobian to come to solve this problem for everyone, as follows.
1. How to process the process?
A: CNC processing process can be divided according to the following methods, the specific are:
(1) tool centralized sorting method is used according to the use of cutting tools, with the same tool to complete all parts of the finished parts can be completed. In the second with a knife, the third to complete the other parts they can complete. This reduces the number of tool changes, compression of the empty time, reduce unnecessary positioning error.
(2) to the processing part of the order for the processing of a lot of parts, according to its structural characteristics of the processing part is divided into several parts, such as the shape, shape, surface or plane. The first processing of the plane, positioning surface, after processing holes; first processing simple geometric shape, and then processing complex geometric shapes; first processing of low-precision parts, re-processing accuracy requirements of the higher parts.
(3) in the rough, finishing part of the process for the deformation of the parts prone to rough deformation due to the need for deformation after the need for school, so in general, to be rough, finishing the process should be separated The
Therefore, in the division process, we must look at the structure and process parts, machine functions, parts of the number of CNC Machining processing content, the number of installed and the unit production organization flexibility. Another proposal to adopt the principle of centralized process or the principle of decentralized process, according to the actual situation to determine, but must strive to reasonable.
2. What should the principles of the NC processing order be followed?
A: CNC Machining processing sequence should be based on the structure of the parts and rough conditions, as well as the need to consider the positioning of clamping, the focus is not rigid workpiece damage. The order should generally be based on the following principles:
(1) on the process of processing can not affect the next process positioning and clamping, the middle of the common machine tool processing process should also be considered.
(2) first inside the cavity processing sequence, after the shape of the processing process.
(3) to the same positioning, clamping or the same knife processing process is best connected to reduce the number of repeated positioning, the number of tooling and moving the number of times.