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The Brass Of The Aluminum Tube Pipe Is Used For Decoration

Aug 08, 2017

The brass of the Aluminum Tube Pipe is used for decoration
Speaking of Aluminum Tube Pipe, the general will think of its practicality, it is high strength, widely used. Few people will be used to decorate. Seems to take the top side. But for the designer, everything is possible.
In the residential area of Gaoyang City, Korea, there is a chic house. Outside the house covered with two-story white Aluminum Tube Pipe fence, oblique arrangement surrounded by a circular arc, like a circle of waves. Through this layer of fence can vaguely see the inside of the layout, some places are solid wall, some are empty, it seems that the level of scattered, do not have cave.
Lead designer South Korea IROJE KHM Architects said from the school's iron railings to get inspiration. Sunlight through the railing to the depths of the room, because of the permeability of the fence, you can better integrate into the district environment. Fence above the large and small round hole, similar to pebbles, also echoed the mood of the garden.
Because of its triangular patio and compound structure, most of the rooms are also irregular, indoor and outdoor layout of a wide range of stairs, different levels, different angles. So that the building itself is a bit like a maze garden, moving for King, open special.
Which referred to the Aluminum Tube Pipe not only played a functional and decorative role. Combined with a very clever, people whom praise. Of course, it has many other features.
Aluminum Tube Pipe as a non-ferrous metal tube is a pure Aluminum Tube Pipe or Aluminum Tube Pipe alloy extruded into its longitudinal full length hollow metal tubular material, as a high-strength hard Aluminum Tube Pipe, can be heat treatment to strengthen, often using anodized Processing and painting methods or surface coated Aluminum Tube Pipe layer to improve corrosion resistance, can also be used as a mold material. Aluminum Tube Pipe alloy Aluminum Tube Pipe alloy low density, but the strength is relatively high, close to or more than high-quality steel, plastic good, can be processed into a variety of profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, In steel. Because of its corrosion resistance and light weight characteristics, are widely used in motor vehicles, ships, aerospace, machinery and equipment, agriculture, home color TV and other industries.
With China's urbanization level to further enhance the economic transformation model is obvious, China's Aluminum Tube Pipe industry is expected to enter the gold decade. Throughout the history, the economic model of the change will drive the transformation of the metal industry. China's second Five-Year Plan to promote the manufacturing upgrade, consumption upgrades and the new economy, as the three engines to drive the adjustment of Aluminum Tube Pipe structure.
It is expected that China's Aluminum Tube Pipe consumption will grow by 10% in the next decade, and construction growth will slow down, while transportation and durable consumption will grow rapidly in the new economy. % Above, and gradually move closer to the European and American models. One high-speed rail, automotive Aluminum Tube Pipe, electronic foil will become the fastest growing demand for sub-sectors, 2010-2015 compound growth is expected to reach 15% -20%. Demand growth determines the long-term growth space, and barriers to entry is to determine the profitability of enterprises. Related leading enterprises will be through technology and channel barriers to enjoy the growth of industry growth brought about by the performance.
Manufacturing upgrades to pull rail transit Aluminum Tube Pipe (high-speed rail, car) than expected growth. The high speed of railway transportation makes the application of new alloy materials in the body become a trend. Shenwan research that the 2010-2020 China's inter-provincial operating density is expected to reach 0.7-1.0 vehicles / km, inter-city operating density will reach 1.2-1.4 / km. According to the 2020 high-speed rail mileage reached 20,000 km, inter-city railway mileage will reach 24,000 km plan to calculate, is expected in 2017 domestic EMU demand will exceed 1,100 / year, about consumption of Aluminum Tube Pipe 100,000 tons / year. Neutral assumptions pull the composite growth rate of Aluminum Tube Pipe will reach 15%. Optimistic assumptions under the 2010-2015 pull Aluminum Tube Pipe composite compound growth rate will be as high as 25%, to achieve explosive growth. China's automotive light for the Aluminum Tube Pipe demand for high-speed growth provides an opportunity, the domestic automotive unit consumption of Aluminum Tube Pipe from 110 kg / year in 2010 to 150 kg / year 2015, is expected in the future, China's domestic automotive Aluminum Tube Pipe Up to 500,000 tons, the average growth rate in 2010-2015 will be as high as 20%.