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Special Industrial Aluminum Profile Are Used To Make Domestic Automation Equipment Widely Used

Jul 06, 2017

Special industrial Aluminum Profile are used to make domestic automation equipment widely used

Before the special industrial aluminum markets did not open, our country's automation equipment are imported from abroad, and the high cost of imports, so is not widely used, have limitations, since the EF aluminum industry after entering China, domestic slowly to EF aluminum standard appeared now aluminum extrusions, gb aluminum extrusions, mechanical equipment and assembly line aluminum. Since then, automation has quickly moved to industry, agriculture, commerce, service, and even families. The industrial Aluminum Profile plays a driving role.

This is mainly about industrial automation equipment, such as: glue machine, manipulator, soldering machine and other automation equipment.

With the rapid development of automation technology in recent years, introduced in every big enterprise automation equipment to work, such not only can reduce the labor costs, also greatly decreasing the quality of the product is unqualified, the problem of low production speed is to speed up the production speed, bring more efficient working conditions.

Automation equipment is not only can improve the speed of production, quality, but also can reduce a lot of unnecessary accidents, as some of the dangerous work, you can use the automatic equipment to replace artificial, reduce workers' casualties. One might think that, if so, would automation be a complete replacement for labor? I can't deny it, and I'm not sure that some positions can be completely replaced by automation, for sure!

In the case of glue, the regular point glue is assembled by steel plate, which is manually operated, which greatly reduces precision and is slow in working efficiency. The dot glue machine (also known as a triaxial glue dispenser) appears, replacing this position. The glue dispenser is assembled from 9 special industrial Aluminum Profile (we can also call it: glue machine aluminum). They are respectively: dispensing machine control panel, dispensing module, dispensing module cover plate, side plate, glue dispensing machine HouGaiBan columns, glue dispensing machine chassis plate, Y axis slide block glue, the glue machine X slider (and Z axis sliding block glue is common). This is also called soldering machine aluminum, screw machine aluminum or wire welding machine because of the difference between glue machine and wire machine, screw machine and soldering machine.

The characteristics of automatic point glue machine: the tube is spun out of glue, it does not need air pressure, it can be automatically redrawn, Aluminum Profile it is suitable for low viscosity liquid, so it can be used as long as it is plugged in. But the conventional glue machine doesn't have these features, it's not very precise, and it's slow to work, and these are the reasons why it's been replaced by the automated equipment for the conventional glue machine.

But to say automation instead of manual, it is a very difficult thing, Aluminum Profile some process still need manual to operate, so the automation instead of manual also is not comprehensive, some jobs don't need people also is unable to work, if you really want to like science fiction movies, Aluminum Profile all things were made by the robot to work, I think this is a very long things.