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Several Factors Influencing Aluminum Extrusion Yield

May 26, 2020

    The level of mold design and production and repair, tooling equipment and process technology control, workshop management and staff operation are important factors to improve the yield. What needs to be added is that the real record of the original parameters of the mold during the production process of the machine monitor has an auxiliary role that cannot be ignored. The scientific and rational formulation of the production capacity and yield incentive system is a powerful guarantee for "increasing the yield".

Aluminum profile

ZP ALUMINUM think that the extrusion yield is directly related to the following aspects:

    1. The full work enthusiasm of employees is an important factor to improve and stabilize the yield rate. Any product is made by people, and people are the most important factor. As the saying goes, "the workshop is like a battlefield", if the employees can be rejuvenated, work orderly, busy and not chaotic, I believe that the yield rate will increase.

    2. The organization of production by shift planning is an important factor to improve the yield rate. Excellent squeezing squad leader, strong organization ability, not only can complete the production plan, ensure the order is on time, but also improve the yield rate.

    3. In the extrusion process, the selection of aluminum alloy casting rods in line with the production schedule is adopted to prevent the generation of bulk waste, which is the prerequisite for improving the yield rate.

    4. Teams with strong business skills can choose the mold wall thickness that meets the production schedule. Familiar with the use of molds is the key to improving the yield. If the wall thickness of the selected mold does not meet the production scheduling requirements and is not familiar with the use of the mold, it will inevitably lead to frequent mold unloading, and the yield rate will naturally be affected.

    5. Standardized process operation is a powerful guarantee to improve the yield. Strict implementation of "three temperatures can't meet the standard can not produce", do not move the center of the mold, to ensure a suitable start-up speed. The shear bar is not too long to ensure that the process waste meets the specifications.

    6. The machine staff should have strong quality awareness and good comprehensive skills, strengthen the self-inspection work of each process, prevent the production of batches of unqualified waste, and achieve "unqualified not produced, unqualified not flowed into the next process", standardized Operation, do it lightly and gently, and prevent the product from being scratched or scratched.

    7. The length of sawn material must be accurate. To ensure the accuracy of the fixed length, pay attention to that the fixed-length baffle cannot move and the material head is in place every time when sawing.

    8. Reasonable framing can avoid crushing, which is an effective method to improve the yield: according to the different shapes of the product, the wall thickness is layered, and the framing method of increasing the number of partitions per layer is used to avoid product crushing.