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Present Situation Of Aluminium Profiles

Dec 05, 2016

Industrial aluminum profile most is according to user has has needs to development of, some industry development capacity is strong, as track vehicles manufacturing, and car manufacturing,, but some small industry lack itself development capacity, or also not realized that available industrial aluminum profile replaced now with of material, this on need production enterprise assist user to development alternative of industrial aluminum profile, to do this is, on need out of to on industries of with material for detailed of survey, find for with aluminum profile to replaced of with material, through these development, Expand the market of industrial aluminum demand, especially in large industrial development, increased market demand to reduce the building's large, extra large extrusion line completed, it faces fierce competition. 

Increase the overall production of industrial aluminum profile technology. Most of industrial aluminum material, performance, dimensions, tolerances, and more stringent requirements, industrial aluminum profits higher than architectural aluminum profile, but its difficult to produce relatively large, technical requirements are also higher, in particular large industrial complex wide flat thin-walled aluminum profile production technologies, and there is a large gap. Further efforts are needed to improve the technical level, only the overall skill level improves, our industrial aluminum profile can be in a strong position in international competition, creating the conditions for opening up foreign markets and participate in international competition.