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New Directions In Technical Innovation As The Industry

Dec 05, 2016

In recent years, the aluminum processing industry enterprises are small, low concentration, repeated construction, promulgated a number of industrial adjustment policy. Issued in October 2007, the aluminum industry entry criteria clearly the new aluminum processing projects access conditions, and related energy and metals consumption, enhance environmental protection, improving the industry entry threshold. Barriers to improved control of aluminum processing industry scale of investment, regulating disorderly competition in the industry, in order to focus on product quality, energy-saving and consumption reduction of enterprises to create good conditions for competition. 

With the national industrial policy, industrial structure adjustment and improvement of the product quality requirements of consumers, extensive aluminium processing industry, value added of the status quo of a gradual change. Industry consolidation will continue to increase in the future, middle market and product positioning in the production process and equipment technology enterprise will face the market, capital, technology, cost, energy consumption of various kinds of pressure, part of the production process technology leadership, quality, market-oriented, strong innovation ability, management advanced enterprises occupy more market share. With the consolidation within the industry, and corporate restructuring for aluminum merger will speed up, Enterprise Group, a large, specialized and branding direction. Product technology development, quality management, sales and service and other key factors of comprehensive strength of enterprises bigger and stronger.