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Industrial Aluminum Profile The Speed Of Heating And Cooling

Oct 18, 2017

Industrial Aluminum Profile The speed of heating and cooling
The heating rate is such that the ingot does not cause cracking and excessive deformation. The holding time of the holding time should ensure a certain annealing temperature, so that the non-equilibrium phase is dissolved and the segregation is removed within the crystal, but should be based on alloy characteristics, ingot size, segregation degree, shape and size and distribution of the second phase, heating equipment and temperature , To determine the length of the holding time.
Practice has proved that the rate of homogenization process with time, but by the large step by step. Therefore, excessive insulation time is not appropriate, will make the metal burning and energy consumption increase, reduce productivity. After the cooling rate is uniform, the ingot can be cooled with the furnace and can also be air cooled.
Industrial aluminum Profile cooling rate of hard aluminum should not be too fast, so as to avoid quenching effect. The homogenization annealing of the ingot may be carried out separately or in combination with the preheating heating. The ingot is heated to the homogenization annealing temperature, after a certain period of time to heat the hot rolling temperature, followed by hot rolling, both to reduce the process, but also save energy.
However, the industrial Aluminum Profile homogenization of high annealing temperature, long time and energy consumption, the composition is simple, segregation is not serious and good plastic alloy, do not have to be homogenized. General super-hard aluminum alloy, hard aluminum, forged aluminum and rust-proof aluminum are required to be homogenized annealing.
Industrial Aluminum Profile surface treatment methods generally exist anodizing, electrophoresis coating and powder coating three kinds of treatment, each way has its own advantages, occupy a considerable market share. Powder coating has the following advantages:
1, the industrial Aluminum Profile process is relatively simple, mainly due to the production process of the main equipment to improve the accuracy of the main technical parameters have been able to achieve microcomputer control, effectively reduce the difficulty of process operation, while greatly reducing the number of auxiliary equipment ;
2, high yield, under normal circumstances, if the measures properly, can maximize the control of the production of substandard goods;
3, energy consumption significantly reduced, in the ordinary anodizing, electrophoretic coating production process, water, electricity consumption is quite large, especially in the oxidation process. Rectifier output current can reach between 8000 ~ 11000A, the voltage between 15 ~ 17.5V, coupled with the machine's own heat, need to keep using circulating water for cooling, tons of power consumption is often around 1000 degrees, While the reduction of ancillary facilities can also reduce some of the power consumption;
4, the degree of pollution of water, the atmosphere to reduce the alkali, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents are no longer used to reduce water and air pollution, but also effectively improve the Aluminum Profile and environmental protection products as the competitive strength of steel profiles, accordingly Reduced some production costs;
5, industrial aluminum Profile workers labor intensity was significantly reduced, due to the use of automated assembly line operations, feeding methods and the use of fixtures has been significantly simplified, improve production efficiency, but also reduce labor intensity;
6, the surface quality requirements for the wool of industrial Aluminum Profile are significantly reduced, the powder coating and can completely cover the profile of the extrusion pattern, cover a part of the aluminum Profile surface defects, improve the aluminum Profile finished product quality;
Aluminum Profile setting and control of the aging furnace temperature: Usually, the aging furnace temperature and aging furnace surface temperature there is a certain error, set the table temperature according to the actual temperature of the furnace to be set, China's renewable copper technology and market Pay close attention to the fluctuation of the aging furnace temperature. Industrial Aluminum Profile Timing insulation: to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process to time, the insulation time should be appropriate to prevent the aging or overtime caused by hardness is not enough. Aluminum Profile extrusion frame can not be too close, between the material and the material should be separated, especially the non-ventilated small material, thick material interval is even bigger, pipe material and small material, sheet material together when the box Which is conducive to the following cycle of air supply.