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How To Use Aluminum Profile For Construction

Aug 29, 2017

How to use Aluminum Profile for construction
After just 10 years, China's architectural Aluminum Profile has gradually leapt to the world's first, from Aluminum Profile, Aluminum Profile doors and windows, Aluminum Profile curtain wall to the hidden frame glass curtain wall. China's Aluminum Profile construction of the rapid development of the main reasons are: the introduction of foreign Aluminum Profile and Aluminum Profile doors and windows production lines, mining mining director, adhere to digestion and absorption.
Of course, due to the rapid development of the middle also produced a lot of problems: for example, the national construction Aluminum Profile manufacturers continue to increase, production is too large, resulting in the vast majority of Aluminum Profile production capacity are not up to design targets, and now yield can be achieved Design capacity of half of the manufacturers is very good, Aluminum Profile sales competition is fierce. Aluminum Profile doors and windows manufacturers more than 4000 (not a small workshop), although the past two years the rapid development of the construction industry, but the demand for Aluminum Profile doors and windows, far less than the supply of Aluminum Profile. Therefore, in the Aluminum Profile industry, the formation of production is greater than the sales situation, Aluminum Profile doors and windows production of energy, although the Aluminum Profile doors and windows need to increase the amount of fast, but the Aluminum Profile doors and windows industry is still "porridge more monks less." Some Aluminum Profile doors and windows factory in order to get orders, unscrupulous, to deceive the user deliberately depress the project offer, get the contract and then to the superior, to fake on behalf of the truth, still want to achieve the purpose of making money, we must not only cheap, Do not consider the quality, fooled. Jiahua Aluminum Profile in this simple about how to distinguish Aluminum Profile and Aluminum Profile doors and windows of the pros and cons, for your reference.
First, how to choose Aluminum Profile: Many domestic Aluminum Profile manufacturers due to different conditions, the production of Aluminum Profile material differences, sales prices are also greater differences, each ton can be poor 4 to 5 thousand dollars. Aluminum Profile ingot domestic prices are basically the same, in the processing process, there is such a big difference, certainly the quality difference is also great. Aluminum Profile quality depends on the following factors: 1, alloying elements: 6063 alloy is Aluminum Profile and magnesium as the main element of the preparation of the alloy, each element has a certain range of content, the high price of magnesium. Some Aluminum Profile manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the amount of magnesium to the minimum allowable content. What is more, the content of magnesium is reduced to below the minimum allowable content. There are some Aluminum Profile manufacturers in the alloy plus waste wire and waste basin waste Aluminum Profile pot, the basic talk about 6063 alloy. Resulting in low mechanical strength of Aluminum Profile, can be low to bend with both hands bent, commonly known as "noodles" as soft. This is why Aluminum Profile can be cheaper for a few thousand dollars. Formal Aluminum Profile manufacturers, in the preparation of alloy composition, are internal standards, the amount of content in a variety of elements within the scope of the plant have their own smaller range of change, Aluminum Profile, magnesium, silicon ratio between the three very strict , The factory has its own data, mutual confidentiality. Have qualified formula made of alloy, in order to ensure quality, or how to process later, the quality is not up.
2. Aluminum Profile smelting furnace with a good: 6063 alloy how to melt, what stove, which is also essential, and now the domestic use of the stove has 40 years level, but also the level of the 1990s, the worst manufacturers with the original crucible boiler The There are burning, burning, burning and electric heating smelting furnaces. Some stoves have chimneys, some stoves have no chimneys. Generally used for the square furnace (rectangular furnace), advanced for the round furnace, and some round furnace can be tilted pour Aluminum Profile water. On tonnage there are 1 ton, 2 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 25 tons and 50 tons of molten Aluminum Profile furnace. More advanced, in the melting furnace below plus a static furnace, standing furnace important preparation 6063 alloy, in this furnace in addition to slag removal, standing, and then cast Aluminum Profile rods for extrusion use. In the original coal burning furnace and modern round furnace prepared alloy quality, absolutely not the same. General furnace, regardless of what fuel burns, should have a chimney, the fuel in the combustion process to produce most of the waste residue can be discharged from the chimney. Such as no smoke pipe exhaust waste all melting Aluminum Profile water, so cast for extrusion with Aluminum Profile rods, the existence of a serious internal slag bubbles, which is one of the reasons for the poor quality of Aluminum Profile, which is one of the reasons for the cheap Aluminum Profile.
3, alloy casting: the level of domestic casting equipment is also very far apart, the oldest casting equipment in the 40's level of iron casting, advanced hydraulic semi-continuous casting. Cast iron is very poor, and in the cast rod in a large number of slag and bubbles, poor quality rods, and now the general use of the factory is more common level of casting (also known as continuous casting) and semi-continuous casting, Semi-continuous casting most of the wire rope drive, the best hydraulic drive. Semi-continuous casting rods ranging in length, generally 3 meters, 4 meters until 8 meters. Semi-continuous casting is pit type, while the side of the casting side of the decline, surrounded by cold water surrounded by cooling, due to uniform water around the cast iron crystal structure evenly fine. But the wire rope down the drive, as hydraulic transmission smooth, hydraulic casting cast rod surface than other cast rod surface are smooth. The smooth surface of the cast rod is one of the prerequisites for extruding the profile. In other ways to cast the surface of the cast rod is relatively rough, in order to ensure the quality of the profile, and sometimes the first car to the first knife, the car to the rough surface rough. Now commonly used semi-continuous casting mold, for the advanced, hot top with the level of casting mold, the characteristics of this casting mold can be brewed several to several dozens, while casting quality is good, with high quality 6063 Aluminum Profile casting rod , In order to be able to produce a good Aluminum Profile, if the original old casting equipment can not cast a good cast rod, but also can not produce a good Aluminum Profile. There are many domestic Aluminum Profile plant, there is no production of Aluminum Profile rods equipment, but to the Aluminum Profile plant or other plants to purchase 6063 alloy rods, such Aluminum Profile plant, Aluminum Profile quality control in the production of cast rod factory hands, to produce Aluminum Profile Material is difficult to achieve quality and stability. With backward equipment than advanced casting equipment, one is small investment, low production costs, which is why the Aluminum Profile sales difference one of the reasons.