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How To Judge The Quality Of Industrial Aluminum Machining Quality

Jun 28, 2017

How to judge the quality of industrial Aluminum Machining quality
The demand for industrial Aluminum Machining is also increasing, how to distinguish the quality of industrial Aluminum Machining has become the key. Industrial Aluminum Machining is the aluminum rod through the hot melt, squeeze, so as to obtain different cross-sectional shape of Aluminum Machining materials. Industrial Aluminum Machining production processes include casting, extrusion and coloring process. Among them, the coloring process include: oxidation coloring, electrophoretic coating, fluorocarbon spraying, powder coating, wood grain transfer process.
How to determine the quality of industrial Aluminum Machining quality, according to the following aspects:
1 oxide film thickness
Thickness is not enough, aluminum surface is easy to rust, corrosion. National standard building and industrial aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10um (microns). Some property name, address, production license, certificate industrial Aluminum Machining, film thickness is 2 to 4um, and some even no movie. According to experts estimate that each reduction of 1um oxide film thickness, can reduce the power consumption of more than 150 yuan per ton of material.
2 chemical composition
Mixed with a large number of waste aluminum, industrial Aluminum Machining can greatly reduce costs, but will lead to industrial chemical composition of aluminum failure, a serious threat to safety engineering.
3 thickness distribution
Thickness distribution of roughly the same size of the drawings, as well as section size, width, center hole, but the wall thickness difference is very large, can also be quite different weight, each price is also a big gap. In addition, the lower industrial aluminum can reduce some of the closing time, reducing the consumption of chemical reagents, cost reduction, but the material corrosion resistance greatly reduced.
4 manufacturer
Large Aluminum Machining plants, raw materials, production process standards, strict quality control, processing fees than small manufacturers how high, processing fees can be a difference of 2000-3000 / ton, narrow 2-3 yuan / kg.
Alloy elements: 6063 aluminum alloy is aluminum and magnesium as the main element of the preparation of the alloy, each element has a certain range of content, the high price of magnesium. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the amount of magnesium to the minimum allowable content. Some of the worse, the content of magnesium below the minimum allowable content. There are plants in the alloy plus waste wire and waste basin waste aluminum pot, the basic talk about 6063 alloy. Resulting in Aluminum Machining machinery strength is very low, can be low to use both hands bent is easy to bend, commonly known as "noodles" as soft. This is why industrial Aluminum Machining can be a few thousand dollars cheaper.

Formal Aluminum Machining manufacturers, in the preparation of alloy composition, there are internal standards, that is, in a variety of elements within the scope of the plant have their own smaller range of change, aluminum, magnesium, silicon ratio between the three very strict, The factory has its own data, mutual confidentiality. There is a qualified formula made of alloy, in order to ensure quality, or how to process later, the quality is not up.

Users in the choice of Aluminum Machining manufacturers should be based on Aluminum Machining as the main basis for judgments, and then on-site inspection of the manufacturers, two-pronged approach to ensure the quality of the purchase of Aluminum Machining quality, not because of cheap and easy to buy cheap Aluminum Machining, Is a great harm.