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How To Identify The Quality Of Aluminum Heat Sink Welding Quality

Jul 26, 2017

How to identify the quality of Aluminum Heat Sink welding quality
 Aluminum Heat Sinks in the use of the family more and more common, the problem is less and less, but the radiator leaks or will happen. There are many reasons for the leakage of the radiator, one of the reasons is the quality of the heating itself has a problem. So, we have to learn to distinguish Aluminum Heat Sink welding quality is good or bad.
    Radiator welding process mainly filler and body welding two kinds of body welding corrosion resistance, and there is a uniform welding scar, without grinding. And the filler weld corrosion resistance is poor, the surface is polished smooth. Whether it is in-body welding or filler welding, the user in the purchase of radiator to see whether the main welding is strong, the appearance of the weld is uniform, there is no rugged phenomenon.
    But should pay attention to not too strong to force the smooth weld, because the excessive grinding processing is likely to cause the strength of the welding site to reduce, resulting in running water leakage.
Aluminum Heat Sink in the use of the process, there are many considerations, one of which is that it can not be installed after the installation, what is the reason for it. Here, there are Aluminum Heat Sink manufacturers for our analysis.
Aluminum Heat Sink installation are installed in favor of indoor heating position, so to ensure that the air convection and indoor temperature of the local relative to the average, once the move, it will change the orientation, will cause the indoor temperature imbalance. On the other hand, the radiator in the process of moving, it is easy to cause damage to the pipeline, leading to the occurrence of leakage, which will not only affect the use of radiators, but also to the home to bring unnecessary losses.
Therefore, the Aluminum Heat Sink installed, try not to move, if necessary, may ask professionals to come to operate, to prevent the use of late problems.
 Aluminum Heat Sink is there, so that people no longer fear the cold winter, but it has some attention in the use of the main points. Below, by the Aluminum Heat Sink manufacturer to explain.
    1. Before the test water, to the home of the heating pipe network maintenance, in order to test the water before the timely detection of radiator facilities failure and not easy to repair. In addition, the test of water during the family must keep people in order to check.
    2. During heating. We should pay attention to the valve connected with the radiator should not always switch, the valve can only be fully open or fully closed state. If there is leakage, immediately turn off the water, return valve. Also note that the radiator connection pipe do not load. In addition, the heating period do not open the valve to take the water in the radiator, radiator heat is heated by the system to achieve the hot water cycle, such as radiator water, not only will affect the heating effect, but also may cause the whole heating The system is not heating.
    3. After stopping heating. After heating, turn off the heating return valve first, open the exhaust valve, release the air, and finally close the water valve.
Aluminum Heat Sink is a winter heating tool, more and more attention by the majority of families. Installation of the radiator is necessary, the following, we have to discuss with the Aluminum Heat Sink manufacturers to look at.
    1. Aluminum Heat Sink comfort will be higher, when we use air conditioning heating, if the use of time is too long, there will be headaches, dizziness.
    2. After the installation of Aluminum Heat Sink, there is no need to install the water heater, because it is in addition to heating, but also to the bathroom, the kitchen to provide life hot water, saving the installation of gas, water heater costs.
    3. can make people get up early living habits, in addition, the child writing, work overtime, do not have to worry about being frozen, the elderly can also have a warm winter.
    4. Heating costs compared with air conditioning, more savings, but also more environmentally friendly.
    5. Winter home heating, it will not use high-power electrical equipment, which reduces the risk of fire.