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How To Choose Aluminium Profile

Dec 05, 2016

1, Check the product certificates, note the date of manufacture, specifications, technical conditions and production license number.

2, Check the thickness. Thickness of the Aluminum profile for doors and windows should be not less than 1.2 mm.

3, Carefully observe the surface conditions of aluminum profiles, aluminum should be bright colors, good gloss, the surface can not have a clear scratches, bubbles and other defects are not acceptable on the aluminium profile surface.

4, Pay attention to the thickness of the product surface coating, surface coating thickness for anodized aluminium extrusions shall not less than 10μm, electrophoretic coating aluminum product thickness of not less than 17μm, surface coating thickness for powder coating aluminium file shall not exceed the range of 40-120μm, Fluorocarbon paint coated aluminium profiles should be two or more, not less than 30μm.

5, The coastal areas users are suggested to choose the electrophresis,powder coated or fluorocarbon coated aluminum alloy profiles for better corrosion resistance.