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How Can Industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe Be Straightened And Not Deformed?

Jul 06, 2017

How can industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe be straightened and not deformed?

A little bit of physical common sense knows that raw aluminum hardness is low, the machinery automation equipment, assembly line workbench use Aluminum Tube Pipe, Aluminum Tube Pipe is a load on the how to do and not deformation?

Extruded Aluminum Tube Pipe knows that actually do profile in the case of bending scrap is very not worth, also should not happen, but also can be avoided, so, how to reduce or avoid scrapped due to bend?

Taking these two questions, we got the following answer from the manufacturer of China yaoao aluminum.

(1) the extruded Aluminum Tube Pipe can play an important role in eliminating the metal stress generated during the extrusion process and controlling the size of the Aluminum Tube Pipe.

(2) squeezing straightening: straightening is aluminium tube bending caused by serious link, straightening, used in the work must pay attention to the straightening force could produce deformation of Aluminum Tube Pipes, convergent, orange peel, etc., the power is too small will generate profile adjustment is not straight, bend.

Extrusion to frame (3) : this link is also very important, after saw the specified length, Aluminum Tube Pipe be a frame, the fashion frame work will pay attention to: the wait is aniseed or small material, is a tube or flat die out material? Wait in general, aniseed and tube material carry on both ends of the frame is not easy to bend, but small and flat die out of material, carry on both ends of it is easy to cause bending, then it should be from both ends to the middle for carrying frame. But some profiles can't even do that, for example: louvers, window pieces, caps, etc., you must put them in the box on an aging section.

Shelf (4) surface treatment: billet by aging, has standard hardness, bending aluminium tube is not so easy to change, but the shelves or note that ends up material, try to avoid strong fluctuations up and down, strong fluctuation of has caused a certain limitation of Aluminum Tube Pipe bending.

Want to know how the Aluminum Tube Pipe you see is beautiful, the surface smooth is how to do? Today we're going to have a quick look at what to do with the extruded profile.

A, industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe in the process of extrusion, such as the extrusion die is not very good or mold industrial aluminum extrusion tube too much, industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe appearance extrusion mark, will happen with the hand may touch the industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe appearance, in order to make the industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe surface smooth level off, touch less than squeeze marks, industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe factory first commonly use alkaline erosion, eroding extrusion.

2. The industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe is required to be well sealed as a peripheral protector. The powder electrostatic spraying has become the hot spot in the exterior coating of the industrial Aluminum Tube Pipe in the sea. In particular, the area of the opening area of the glass industry Aluminum Tube Pipe should not be more than 15% of the wall surface area of the curtain. The upper suspension structure should be used for opening the department, and the Angle should not be greater than 45 degrees.

Three, the industrial aluminum works powder spray to combine the heat transfer technology to make it more fashionable, make the profile of powder spray should have more room for development.

Four, Aluminum Tube Pipe with high strength, light weight, not random sex is strong, strong erosion resistance, good plasticity, small deformation, pollution-free, non-toxic, fire prevention, long service life (up to 50-100 years) recycling and can be recycled. China's industrial aluminium industry has been hailed as a xiangyang industry, which has been the world's largest since 2002, after nearly 50 years of development. Sandblasting technology is a common method for the exterior disposal of industrial Aluminum Tube Pipes in recent years.