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Essential Industrial Aluminum Profile Development Of The New Blue Ocean

Aug 08, 2017

Essential industrial Aluminum Profile development of the new blue ocean
Today, the domestic Aluminum Profile industry competition, overcapacity and other factors hinder the development of the industry, but in the new energy vehicles as the representative of the traffic light market to find a new blue ocean.
The use of traditional aluminum in the real estate growth slowed down, so the aluminum industry is also the layout of the traffic area to seek new profit growth point, in the fifth session of the international application of aluminum development forum, the vice president of Aluminum Science and Technology Research Institute Engineers use data to reveal the prospects for the Aluminum Profile industry, "automotive aluminum demand in the next five years, the compound annual growth rate will exceed 25%."
In addition to the extensive use of traditional transport areas, including Tesla, including new energy vehicles also want to put on the "lightweight" coat; the face of a huge market "cake", some domestic industrial Aluminum Profile equipment business "eager."
However, a number of industry sources said that although the aluminum "lightweight" development potential is huge, but still face the price of aluminum is more expensive, the lack of standard profiles, Aluminum Profile technology to be improved, domestic and international design concept gap and material development applications Integration of imperfect development and other aspects of the problem.
1, aluminum after processing degreasing
  Degreasing mechanism is through the degreasing agent on all kinds of grease saponification, Aluminum Profile solubilization, wetting, dispersion, emulsification and so on, so that the grease from the workpiece surface into a soluble material or emulsified, dispersed and evenly and steadily present in the tank Liquid. The quality of the degreasing quality is mainly based on the surface of the workpiece after degreasing can not have visual grease, emulsion and other dirt, washed surface should be completely wetting the water as the standard. The quality of the degreased product is mainly determined by the free alkalinity, the temperature of the degreasing liquid, the processing time, the mechanical action and the oil content of the degreasing liquid.
(1) Aluminum Profile Free Alkalinity (FAL)
  Degreasing agent concentration to ensure the best results. FAL is too low, Aluminum Profile the oil removal effect is relatively poor; FAL is too high, not only cause material waste, but also to increase the burden of water after the road, in particular, will also pollute the order of the table to reconcile the phosphorus The
(2) Aluminum Profile the temperature of the degreasing solution
  Any kind of degreasing liquid has the best degreasing temperature, the temperature is lower than the process requirements, can not fully play the role of degreasing; temperature is too high, not only increase energy consumption, but also bring some side effects. Such as degreasing agent evaporation too fast, the workpiece from the tank when the surface drying faster, and easy to cause the workpiece back rust, alkali spots, oxidation and other ills, the impact of the process after the phosphating quality. Automatic temperature control also needs to be checked regularly.
(3) Aluminum Profile processing time
  Degreasing liquid and the workpiece must be in full contact with the oil, there is sufficient contact reaction time, in order to ensure a good defatting effect. But the skim time is too long, will increase the blunt surface of the workpiece, affecting the formation of phosphate film.
(4) Aluminum Profile the effect of mechanical action
  Degreasing process, supplemented by mechanical action, Aluminum Profile the use of pump circulation or the way the workpiece moves, you can strengthen the degreasing effect, shorten the time of immersion cleaning; spray degreasing faster than the rate of immersion degreasing more than 10 times.
(5) Aluminum Profile degreasing oil content
  With the recycling of the bath, the oil content will increase in the bath, when a certain percentage, the degreasing agent degreasing effect and cleaning efficiency will be significantly reduced, Aluminum Profile even by adding pharmaceuticals to maintain high concentration of bath, the workpiece surface The cleanliness will not be improved. Aging degreasing degreasing fluid must be replaced by the whole tank. Product production generally based on the bath of the use of time and processing the amount of time to change slot.