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Do You Know The Classification And Application Of Industrial Aluminum Profiles?

Aug 27, 2020
  1. 6063, 6063A, 6463A, 6060 industrial aluminum alloy profiles. In addition to being widely used as building doors and windows and curtain wall structure and decoration materials, it is also widely used as indoor furniture, toilets, radiators, elevator handrail profiles and general industrial pipes and bars.

    aluminum profiles

  2. 6061, 6068 aluminum alloy industrial profiles. Mainly used as refrigerated containers, container bottom plates, truck frame parts, ship upper structure parts, rail vehicle structural parts, large truck structures and other mechanical structural parts.

  3. 6106 aluminum alloy industrial profile. It is widely used in various pipes, wires and bars that require corrosion resistance.

  4. 6106, 6101B aluminum alloy industrial profiles. It is dedicated to the production of high-strength electric bus bars and various conductive materials.

    aluminum profiles

  5. 6005 aluminum alloy industrial profile. Mainly used as ladders, TV antennas, TV launchers, etc.

  6. 6005A aluminum alloy industrial profile. It is used to produce key materials for modern transportation industries such as high-speed trains, subway trains, light rail trains, double-decker trains, luxury buses, which require high strength and complex cross-sections. It is used for the overall shape and structural parts of large vehicles, important stressed components and large Decorative parts.

    aluminum profiles

  7. 6351T6 aluminum alloy industrial profile. It is mostly used for extruded structural parts of highway transportation facilities and gas, oil, and water pipelines that require high strength.

  8. Other aluminum alloy industrial profiles. High-strength aluminum alloy profiles and bars, such as 2024.7075, are also being developed, and it is planned to establish a new quenching furnace and large-scale stretching and straightening machine to adapt to mass production.