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Development Of Industrial Aluminum Extrusion Technology

Oct 10, 2017

Aluminum alloy in the field of industrial applications increased year by year, but the use of aluminum components in the existence of some problems, mainly poor wear resistance, the reason is the lower hardness, high friction coefficient, wear large, easy to hurt and difficult to oil, Aluminum Extrusion Followed by the strength is not easy to deformation, and then in the presence of alkaline media and chloride ions in the environment is easy to be corrosion, which limits the further application of aluminum, which hard anodized aluminum can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance Thermal insulation and insulation, the hardness of the film up to HV400 or more, the thickness of up to dozens or even hundreds of μm, easy to control the thickness, high dimensional accuracy, many parts can be directly assembled after processing, the film has micropores, Lubricants, resistant to breakdown voltage up to 2000V, Aluminum Extrusion and the matrix with a solid, so in the aviation, aerospace, ships, automobiles, motorcycles, electronics, instrumentation, textile and machinery industry has a wide range of applications.
The process is mature, the equipment used and advanced technology, the film thickness can be determined according to the requirements of the workpiece, the size of high precision, many parts can be directly assembled use, hardness up to HV400 or more, combined with the strength of the coating is much higher than the use of easy to fall off. The wear resistance of the workpiece can be increased by more than 1 times. Low cost of technology.
With the increase in the amount of Aluminum Extrusion of industrial aluminum, surface strengthening requirements are increasingly strong, the current application of industrial Aluminum Extrusion is more hard chrome plating, but chromium is a shortage of materials, and the coating and the matrix is not strong, easy to use The formation of abrasive wear off, combined with environmental pollution and other issues difficult to solve. In industrialized countries, industrial Aluminum Extrusion hard anodizing has been widely used, such as the Japanese automotive industry, engine piston, cylinder, injector plunger, motorcycle carburetor needle valve, piston and so on through the hard Quality anodized, but these parts are not handled directly to use these parts, affecting the product quality and workpiece life. Hard oxidation in the country is still in the transformation from scientific research to production stage, cars, motorcycles and other industries have begun to understand its superiority, and some manufacturers are seeking this technology, market prospects and considerable economic benefits.
Industrial Aluminum Extrusion manufacturing upgrade pull rail traffic Aluminum Extrusion than expected growth, high-speed rail transport makes the application of new alloy materials become a trend. 2010-2020, China's inter-provincial operating density is expected to reach 0.7-1.0 vehicles / km, intercity operation density will reach 1.2-1.4 / km. According to the 2020 high-speed rail mileage to reach 20,000 km, inter-city railway mileage will reach 24,000 km of the plan to calculate, 2017 domestic EMU demand will exceed 1,100 / year, about consumption of Aluminum Extrusion 100,000 tons / year.
China's automobile light weight is also an opportunity for the rapid growth of Aluminum Extrusion demand, industrial Aluminum Extrusion domestic car consumption of aluminum from 110 kg / month in 2010 to 150 kg / kg 2015, is expected by 2015, China's domestic Aluminum Extrusion will reach 500,000 tons, the average growth rate in 2010-2015 will be as high as 20%. With China's high-speed railway and urban rail transit construction into the rapid growth period, high-speed rail and other rail applications of industrial Aluminum Extrusion aluminum enterprises to create a new market.
Compared with traditional mechanical manufacturing materials, such as carbon steel and stainless steel, the use of high-strength industrial Aluminum Extrusion profiles has the following advantages:
1. The production process is simple: just design, cut off / drilling, the combination can be completed; and traditional materials usually go through the design, cutting / drilling, welding, sandblasting / surface treatment, surface spraying and other complex processes.
2. Material can be reused: As the use of industrial Aluminum Extrusion parts in the entire production process without heat welding, so the parts can be easily removed, all materials and accessories can be reused; and traditional materials due to cutting deformation and High disassembly costs and other reasons are rarely reused.
3. Save time: the production process is simple, can save a lot of working hours cost; especially in the production error due to rework, than the use of traditional materials can save several times the working hours.
4. The production of high precision: the production process has not experienced hot welding, the material without deformation, so the assembly of high precision; and the use of hot welding of traditional materials is inevitable to appear deformation, thus affecting the final assembly accuracy.
5. Gorgeous appearance: the use of industrial Aluminum Extrusion equipment appearance more modern, its unique anodized coating than the existing variety of coating methods more firmly and stable.