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Development And Finishing Of Aluminum Profile

Jun 13, 2017

Development and finishing of Aluminum Profile
 Since the late 1970s, China's aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall industry began to start, aluminum glass curtain wall in the construction and application of the promotion, from scratch, from imitation to self-developed, from the commitment to small works to the contract Large-scale construction projects, from the production of low-grade products to the production of high-tech products, from the construction of low-rise building doors and windows to the construction of high-rise glass curtain wall, from the simple processing of simple low-grade profiles to squeeze complex sections of high-grade profiles, from relying on imports to Foreign contracted projects, aluminum doors and windows and glass curtain wall has been rapid development. To the 20th century, the emergence of new building materials in the 1990s to promote the further development of the curtain wall, a new type of building curtain wall in the country have emerged around the metal curtain wall, the so-called metal curtain wall is the curtain wall panel material for the metal sheet construction curtain wall, Simply put, that is, the glass curtain wall of the glass is replaced by a metal plate in the form of a curtain wall, but because of the difference between the surface of the two there is a big difference between the design and construction of the process should be considered separately. Because of the excellent processing performance of metal sheet, the diversity of color and good safety, it can fully adapt to all kinds of complex design, can increase the concave and convex lines, and can process various types of curve lines, to Architects to play a huge space, much of the favor of architects, which has been rapid development.

Flat polishing slot is usually set to the slot has two main purposes, that is, the sand surface of the aluminum processing of polished and polished fine ash.

① flat polishing: flat polishing tank can produce a certain thickness of the oxide film, but also a substantial increase in aluminum full brightness. As a result of anodic oxidation of the sand after the polishing treatment of aluminum loss, first flat polishing, the surface light to form a layer of dense oxide layer, the gloss fixed, and then anodized, significantly reduce the loss of light; In addition, Shenyang Aluminum Profiles from the sand surface to the anodic oxidation before the need for multi-channel washing, and may be in the air or water tank retention, resulting in pitting, if the first flat polishing trough, pre-made a certain thickness of the chemical oxide film, first protected up to avoid Before the oxidation in the washing tank to produce pitting or flowers, improve the yield.

② fine ash: acid corrosion is very stubborn, - like the method is difficult to remove. Will seriously affect the appearance of acid etching material quality. Although the sand surface polishing tank can remove most of the acid precipitation, but in some special conditions, there may still be a small amount of residue. Flat polishing tank can completely remove the acid corrosion ash, so as to ensure the quality of aluminum, and completely eliminate the acid precipitation on the color tank and electrophoresis tank pollution.