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Aluminum Tube Pipe May Be An Important Alternative To Building Materials

Aug 29, 2017

Aluminum Tube Pipe may be an important alternative to building materials
Aluminum Tube Pipe are a fast and cost-effective building material. In contrast, concrete usually requires a lot of template and curing time. Low temperature toughness, so that Aluminum Tube Pipe become the ideal highway in the cold climate, bridges and other structures. Aluminum bridge deck 80% lighter than concrete, and do not need to strengthen the supporting bridge components can also provide additional bridge width and capacity. Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy alloy bridge panels do not require minimal amount of paint and maintenance, and are more suitable for use than steel or concrete. For example, more than 50 aluminum alloy pipe bridges have been built in Europe, and this figure is increasing year by year. As Aluminum Tube Pipe are lighter than steel and concrete, rust does not need to paint or protect the coating, and reduces maintenance and installation time, thus reducing costs, Aluminum Tube Pipe have a significant advantage over other materials.
Aluminum Tube Pipe are an ideal material that can increase the width without increasing the bridge load and is a movable bridge with bridges and bridges with narrow walls. As the seismic force is proportional to the weight, Aluminum Tube Pipe is also an excellent bridge seismic reinforcement. The new aluminum pipe plate system requires factory prefabrication, welding, and extrusion of deck panels and shops for surface wear speed construction. Prefabricated aluminum deck panels can be installed faster than other systems without the need for field welding.
2009 2.13 billion pounds of aluminum shipments, accounting for 11.9% of the total market construction shipments. Today, Aluminum Tube Pipe are widely used in commercial both residential and residential buildings, used in windows and door frames, cladding, hanging panels, gutters and dropping pipes, and roofing. Aluminum Tube Pipe are potentially new applications that are in the country's infrastructure, such as bridges and oil rigs. In many cases, the durability of low weight, high strength, and aluminum alloy makes Aluminum Tube Pipe attractive to building contractors.
Traditional Aluminum Tube Pipe surface treatment technology is oxidized, colored and closed disposal, through these surface treatment of aluminum, if in acid rain or marine environment, easy to corrosion, poor durability. Therefore, the early 70s, Aluminum Tube Pipe manufacturers try to paint the method of coating to further build the aluminum decoration performance and service life, now has been successfully used in Aluminum Tube Pipe electrophoresis paint, powder coating and fluorocarbon spraying, etc. The Among them, Aluminum Tube Pipe surface treatment technology electrophoresis paint is one of the most development of the applicable technology.
Aluminum Tube Pipe surface treatment Electrophoresis paint:
Electrophoretic coating is based on the anodic oxidation, through the role of electrophoresis on the oxide film covered with a layer of water-soluble acrylic paint film. So the surface layer of electrophoretic Aluminum Tube Pipe is anodic oxide film and water-soluble acrylic film composite film. It has better corrosion resistance than the anodic oxidation, weather resistance and wear resistance, Aluminum Tube Pipe surface is more smooth and beautiful.
Aluminum Tube Pipe surface treatment electrophoresis paint the principle:
The principle of electrophoretic painting was invented in the late 1930s, but the development of this technology and access to industrial applications is after 1963, electrophoretic paint is nearly 30 years to develop a special coating method, Water-based paint the most practical construction process, with water-soluble, non-toxic, easy to automate control and so on. Aluminum Tube Pipe after the pre-treatment of washing can be directly electrophoresis, electrophoretic coating high transparency, both high decoration and can highlight the Aluminum Tube Pipe itself metallic luster, and thus in the construction of Aluminum Tube Pipe has been increasing the use of electrophoretic paint, and rapid In the automotive, building materials, hardware, home appliances and other industries have been widely used.
Electrophoretic profiles than painting, powder coating more decorative, electrophoretic surface treatment styles and diverse, with extraordinary texture, classic simplicity and other different styles, color, including electrophoresis silver, electrophoresis champagne and matte silver, etc., customers can choose according to the different styles, High-end, luxury Aluminum Tube Pipe model, with electrophoresis production line of aluminum pipe manufacturers is an important manifestation of comprehensive technical level.