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Aluminum Tube Pipe Brittle Reasons

Oct 10, 2017

Aluminum Tube Pipe for the convergence caused by the poor convergence of the bar should be appropriate to increase the ribs and the outer surface & Aluminum Tube Pipe and bar convergence at the length of the Aluminum Tube Pipe or increase the compression ratio to solve the Aluminum Tube Pipe die pressure changes can be changed The length of the straight section of the die to adjust the flow resistance; Aluminum Tube Pipe in the mold design stage can choose a different compression ratio to change the extrusion pressure & Aluminum Tube Pipe but must pay attention to the head compression ratio and extruder screw compression ratio to adapt ; Can also change the size of the melt pressure by changing the formulation & Aluminum Tube Pipe to adjust the extrusion process parameters & Aluminum Tube Pipes to increase the perforated plate.
Aluminum Tube Pipe mold cooling rate & Aluminum Tube Pipe cooling water temperature is often not enough attention & Aluminum Tube Pipe cooling water is the role of Aluminum Tube Pipe stretching the macromolecule chain timely cooling stereotypes, to achieve the purpose of use.
Aluminum Tube Pipe die cross-section design unreasonable & Aluminum Tube Pipe, especially the distribution of the inner ribs and the interface angle of the treatment & Aluminum Tube Pipe Aluminum Tube Pipe will cause stress-like phenomenon exists & Aluminum Tube Pipe need to improve the design and eliminate the interface of the right angle and sharp angle The
Aluminum Tube Pipe wrong side of the reasons: the production of large diameter pipe, wrong side has occurred, it's many factors. In the production practice, leaving the trunk to reduce the tolerance is often the wrong side. Therefore, the analysis of the reasons, preventive measures to the wrong side of the production of large diameter tube is necessary.
1, the strip on the camber is the most important factor on the wrong side caused by the steel. In aluminum, aluminum camber will continue to change the shape, thus changing the welding gap, resulting in slit, wrong side, or even take the edge. Which seriously affects the quality of the Aluminum Tube Pipe, so that after observing the camber steel strip by controlling the vertical roll scissors can make the disk and continuously remove the camber angle to control and correct the shape of the part is to reduce the steel production process to produce a sickle effective way to bend The opposite.
2, because there is no trim strip steel head and tail shape and size of poor precision, Aluminum Tube Pipe easily caused by bending the wrong side of the hard butt.
3, aluminum head tail butt welding gap is too large, in the over molding, if handled properly, it is likely to cause greater error side.
4, in the poor conditions with the edge of the edge of another important reason.
Seamless Aluminum Tube Pipe is the use of double-action extruder for the production of products, the advantages of seamless aluminum can be able to withstand a certain internal pressure, the external can be cut and so on the second processing, seamless Aluminum Tube Pipe material is generally divided into 6061-2024-LY12-2A12-7075 and so on some of the material, the above material is hard aluminum and super-hard aluminum, this material is generally used in aerospace, and so on some of the high hardness requirements of the place. Seamless Aluminum Tube Pipe production process for the next period to introduce.
Aluminum Tube Pipe is an electronegative metal, the chemical nature of lively. The potential of the electrode is 0.5 ~ 3V, 20, the standard potential of a 1. 69V, 99.99% of the Aluminum Tube Pipe in the 5.3% NaCl +0.3% H20 on the mercury reference electrode electrode potential ( 0.87V + 0.01V). Although thermodynamically, aluminum is one of the lively metals, but in many oxidizing media, water, the atmosphere, most of the neutral solution and many weak acid medium and strong oxidizing medium, the Aluminum Tube Pipe has a very high stability The This is because the Aluminum Tube Pipe in the medium, in its surface to form a layer of dense continuous oxide film, the oxide molar volume of about 30% larger than aluminum.
We may know that seamless Aluminum Tube Pipes have antioxidant properties, but many friends do not understand its principles, seamless Aluminum Tube Pipe oxidation is to simulate the acid solution of chitosan, aluminum hydroxide mixture particles in vitro acid resistance.