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Aluminum Profile Control And Coloring Effect

Jun 21, 2017

Aluminum Profile control and coloring effect

1, aluminum aging furnace temperature setting and control: Usually, the aging furnace temperature and aging furnace surface temperature there is a certain error, set the table temperature according to the actual temperature of the furnace to be set, the Chinese renewable copper technology and Market and pay close attention to the aging furnace temperature fluctuations.
2, industrial aluminum aging insulation: to strictly in accordance with the requirements of the process to the aging time to appropriate, to prevent the aging or overtime caused by the hardness is not enough.
3, aluminum extrusion frame can not be too dense, between the material and the material should be separated, in particular, is not ventilated small material, thick material interval is greater, pipe material and small material, sheet material together when a box , Pipe material to put the following is conducive to the regular cycle of air supply.

When the aluminum alloy in the silicon content is low, the impact of iron is more obvious, silicon high to a certain extent, reduce the harmful effects of iron, then iron and silicon to form AlFeSi intermetallic compounds, but also consumed Part of the excess silicon. Iron is mainly due to the color of the formation of iron and aluminum to form a sharp or rod-shaped organization, ranging from a few microns to tens of microns, the electrode potential and aluminum is different, it affects the oxidation uniformity and continuity of color, but also the oxide film luster And the transparency is reduced, affecting the coloring effect
 In recent years, aluminum manufacturers, my home for aluminum alloy processing industry enterprises small size, concentration is not high, repeat the construction of the situation, one after another introduced a number of industrial adjustment policies. The "Aluminum Industry Access Conditions" promulgated in October 2007 clarified the access conditions for new aluminum processing projects and provided relevant energy consumption, metal consumption indicators, enhanced environmental protection and improved the industry access threshold.

Industry access threshold will improve the aluminum alloy processing industry investment scale, standardize the industry disorderly competition, pay attention to product quality, energy saving enterprises to create a good competitive conditions.

With the national industrial policy, industrial restructuring and consumer demand for product quality improvement, aluminum processing industry, extensive, low value-added status of the gradual change.

Aluminum products in the future integration of the industry will continue to increase, some products positioning in the low-end market and production technology and equipment behind the enterprises will face the market, capital, cost, energy consumption, technology and many other pressures, part of the production process leading , Excellent quality, market-oriented, innovative ability, management of advanced enterprises will occupy more market share.

With the aluminum industry within the integration of aluminum enterprises will reorganize the merger, enterprises will be toward the group, large-scale, professional, brand direction. Product technology development, quality management, sales and service, such as the overall strength of enterprises become bigger and stronger key factors.