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Aluminum Heat Sink Decorative Choice

Aug 16, 2017

Aluminum Heat Sink decorative choice
Decoration can be from a light, two thin, three US point of view.
Light, refers to the use of steel, aluminum, copper and other thin-walled lightweight materials produced by the Aluminum Heat Sink to reduce the Aluminum Heat Sink weight, and improve the thermal performance on the basis of reduced metal consumption.
Thin, Aluminum Heat Sink thickness (width) as small as possible to less room space, the general thickness of 50 ~ 120mm within the ideal.
The United States, refers to the Aluminum Heat Sink shape, structure ratio, elegant color novel. Need to use new materials, new technology, new technology to make Aluminum Heat Sink has a good decorative, free from decoration, for the user to save a small sum of money. Need to remind is to look at the decorative at the same time, use the "eye" to pay attention to some of the Jin Yu, the foul of one of the products, select those who have a certain degree of visibility of the manufacturers of products, can do the design selection of users at ease, Hearts.
The rise of the domestic new Aluminum Heat Sink is not very long, but the pace of development is extremely rapid. At present, China has become the world's largest Aluminum Heat Sink production and consumption power.
Copper-aluminum composite Aluminum Heat Sink as the name suggests is composed of copper, aluminum two materials, thanks to the corrosion resistance of copper and aluminum thermal conductivity, the combination of the two to form a high heat, long-life Aluminum Heat Sink. But because of the Aluminum Heat Sink to use TP2 copper high cost, so the price is much more expensive than the aluminum Aluminum Heat Sink.
With the rapid development of housing industrialization process, people's housing conditions have been gradually improved, followed by people's high-quality aesthetic needs of life are constantly updated. The traditional cast iron Aluminum Heat Sink due to the existence of large quality, modeling dull, rough surface characteristics, has been gradually replaced by the new Aluminum Heat Sink.
The new Aluminum Heat Sink because of its energy saving, environmental protection, novel, diverse shapes, different colors, highly decorative and other advantages quickly into the tens of thousands of households.
         So, how to buy a new Aluminum Heat Sink?
         1, choose the brand
          At present, the market a lot of new Aluminum Heat Sink brand, quality ranging from your large supermarket or brand stores to buy product quality assurance, reputable, strong, after-sales service to protect the brand's brand Aluminum Heat Sink to To ensure that up to 5 years of after-sales service.
         2, selection of varieties and styles
          The new Aluminum Heat Sink varieties are mainly three categories: First, aluminum Aluminum Heat Sink; the second is copper and aluminum composite Aluminum Heat Sink, the third is cast aluminum Aluminum Heat Sink. Aluminum Heat Sink style variety, variety specifications complete.
Most customers generally choose:
          Bedroom, living room, restaurant: window: Aluminum Heat Sink inlet and outlet distance of 400 ~ 600 mm high;
         Window: 1500 ~ 1800 mm high.
         Bathroom steel or copper aluminum bathroom series 600,800 or 1000 mm high.
          Color as much as possible to choose one or two colors, more than two colors do not support the choice.
As for the purchase of steel, cast aluminum or copper and aluminum composite, customers can according to their own preferences, material preferences and price factors to decide. Under normal circumstances, copper and aluminum composite than steel corrosion degree is high, three copper and aluminum composite Aluminum Heat Sink because the material for a variety of materials, the expansion rate is different from the use of thermal resistance after the larger heat loss.
        3, choose the heat
         In the choice of heating systems and heating films, customers are very focused on how the heating effect. In the heating design, the direct effect of heating is the heat dissipation of the Aluminum Heat Sink, and the heat dissipation has a direct impact on the cost of the project. Some customers and businesses have deliberately pursued the price, while ignoring the size of the heat dissipation, thus affecting the heating effect.
In the room type, location, building structure, the location of the room gave a great impact on the heat. For example: the north of the room heat should be greater than the south of the room; northwest corner of the room, much larger than the south of the room; non-insulation building heat dissipation is much larger than the heat of building insulation.