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Aluminum Extrusion To Deal With Defects In The New Process

Jun 21, 2017

Aluminum Extrusion to deal with defects in the new process

At present, the automobile industry has become China's pillar industry, China's auto industry has entered the fast lane, and has become the world's largest automobile production and the world's most promising consumer market.

Lightweight is an important means of energy saving and emission reduction in the automobile industry, and the weight reduction will inevitably lead to the large application of aluminum alloy in the automobile.

In addition, the Aluminum Extrusion manufacturers, despite the aluminum alloy doors and windows in recent years under the impact of low-grade products, the market performance is weak, but the future development of the real estate industry, driven by aluminum alloy doors and windows of the corrosion resistance, deformation is small, fire Strong, long life, environmental protection and energy saving and other characteristics, it is still the mainstream of the market in the future.

Aluminum Extrusion company analysis, the new process for the current aluminum alloy plating the actual defects, combined with aluminum to teach their own special physical and chemical properties, in the original process on the basis of improvement, the following advantages:

1. The process flow is short, through the selective dissolution of aluminum alloy surface layer of other metals to improve the purity of aluminum alloy surface is the coating adhesion increased.

2. The first use of alkaline activation instead of acid activation process to completely remove the alloy in the plating process before the surface of the residual silicon and silica gel, effectively improve the coating adhesion.

3. Aluminum Extrusion analysis, alkaline activation without washing and direct zinc immersion, to avoid acid activation after washing and then two times in the zinc exposed in the air and the formation of oxide layer.

4. Only a simple dip zinc can be, the coating adhesion is significantly better than the secondary zinc and complex multi-cyanide zinc leaching process.
 Aluminum Extrusion plant, Aluminum Extrusion industry in recent years continue to develop, companies have to enter the mainland market, this piece of seductive cake coveted. Many companies like to follow the trend of investment, which industry is profitable on a nest of peak investment, this approach is used in the overall Aluminum Extrusion industry is also very undesirable, in the fierce market competition, if the enterprise is not fine Sub-corporate culture, innovation and research and development, then the end can only be lost more market share.

Aluminum Extrusion in the innovation capacity of the difference is an important factor in the future division, as experienced by the economic crisis industry, will usher in the survival of the fittest market reshuffle. Aluminum Extrusion plant analysis, to survive in the competition the overall business is a certain strength of the enterprise, they will develop a broader market space, and rely on innovation and R & D as the core of the overall Aluminum Extrusion enterprises will welcome Come to their spring.

At the same time, the cultural connotation of the brand will enter the hearts of more people, with the brand culture of continuous construction, and the ranks of the world's brand.

Aluminum Extrusion plant analysis, culture will be the future of the overall Aluminum Extrusion development of the core competitiveness. When the various concepts have been playing when the consummate time, to timely the enterprise's own brand connotation and the current hot trend of integration, is a new concept, a whole aluminum culture differences.

And the difference is not equivalent to the concept of others used to change, simple imitation and can not let the enterprise sustained and healthy development, since ancient times there have been used to do the preference, ignoring the creation of manufacturing is the current Aluminum Extrusion enterprises Common case, which is why China's Aluminum Extrusion enterprises, although not the lack of large-scale, technologically advanced enterprises, but from the world brand is not a small gap.