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Aluminum Corporation Of China Green Future

Dec 05, 2016

This year presented "made in China" 2025 "project, whose main purpose is to create an internationally competitive manufacturing and enhance China's comprehensive national power, safeguarding national security and building a world power. China is the world's largest producer of aluminum, electrolytic aluminum industry is "made in China" 2025 "program in one of the most important strategic industries.

Aluminium is widely used in industry, especially in the field of high technology, all departments can see figure of electrolytic aluminum. Today's aircraft 75%-80% of its raw materials from aluminum, in spacecraft parts 50-90% in the manufacture of aluminum to be used in a variety of alloys. Also in the car, the use of aluminum can greatly reduce the car's weight, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle energy saving and emission reduction.

From another point of view, China's electrolytic aluminum production process energy consumption, waste generation, and in electrolytic aluminium production model in China, therefore, still needs a lot of investment to environmental protection. In particular, the task of environmental protection has become China's "Thirteen-Five" case of the industrial stage of development a top priority, to accelerate the achievement of production goals of electrolytic aluminum. In the midst of this technology is a fundamental, innovative and high-tech production model will inject green into China's electrolytic aluminum production the fundamental driving force.