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All Kinds Of Aluminum Heat Sink Consumption Mistake And Attention Problem

Sep 08, 2017

All kinds of Aluminum Heat Sink consumption mistake and attention problem

An Aluminum Aluminum Heat Sink does not corrode

Aluminum Heat Sink is not afraid of acid corrosion, but it is prone to alkali corrosion and chlorine ion etching, so when the water quality of a heating system is alkaline (PH value is higher than 7), or chlorine ion content is high (salt content is large), Aluminum Heat Sink has the hidden danger of corrosion.

In addition, the current domestic Aluminum alloy welding performance is not very good, so suggest the consumers to avoid choosing with weld of Aluminum alloy Aluminum Heat Sink, and the choose and buy the whole die casting Aluminum alloy Aluminum Heat Sink, lest seam leakage caused damage to property. It should be noted that Aluminum alloy Aluminum Heat Sink should not be mixed with other materials because Aluminum alloy Aluminum Heat Sink is different from steel.

Mistake 2 no weld is not afraid of corrosion

At present, there are some Aluminum Heat Sink manufacturers to promote the Aluminum Heat Sink product "no weld, inner cavity clean and smooth", etc., actually this is not effective against the corrosion of Aluminum Heat Sink! Because steel Aluminum Heat Sink of corrosion are not occur on the weld, this is the steel Aluminum Heat Sink the corrosion principle of oxygen corrosion, so "no weld or smooth lumen is not equal to, no corrosion".

Myth 3 is antisepsis

There are two kinds of commonly used coatings in Aluminum Heat Sink: a class of inorganic coatings, which are represented by zinc base chromium salts, such as Beijing sunde's "sende unlimited" Aluminum Heat Sink; The other kind of coating is organic coating, the Aluminum Heat Sink of most domestic brands in the market chooses these two kinds of organic coating. And most of the factory to save cost, eliminate certain processing link, do only once inside besmear, coating thickness is not exceeding 30 micron commonly. So at present, many of the Aluminum Heat Sink on the market, in hot water for five days or so, there is a large area of bubbling, the coating begins to peel off.

The false wall is not afraid of corrosion

Cast iron Aluminum Heat Sink is not susceptible to corrosion because the cast iron itself is good, not because of the wall thickness. In recent years, some small domestic manufacturers have tried to solve the corrosion problem of steel Aluminum Heat Sink by increasing wall thickness. Some experts have pointed out that corrosion is not related to wall thickness. Because the corrosion of steel Aluminum Heat Sink is localized corrosion, not uniform corrosion.

Insurance companies cover 30 years

It's a very irresponsible statement. On the surface, any sale on the market of Aluminum Heat Sink has insurance, consumer must remember: each kind of product is one year one of, if the enterprise is not, there is no insurance, so there is no "the insured 30 years". It is safe to choose a guaranteed company to buy the heating.

For the sake of beauty, some families will replace the new Aluminum Heat Sink when decorating. The new Aluminum Heat Sink should be released in a timely manner. If the air and cold water in Aluminum Heat Sink cannot be kept clean, the Heat dissipation effect of the new Aluminum Heat Sink will be greatly reduced. The manufacturer of the heating film points out the correct treatment of the new Aluminum Heat Sink.

1. After confirming heating heating, close the Aluminum Heat Sink outlet valve first.

2. Open the inlet valve.

3. Open the discharge valve of the Aluminum Heat Sink and release the air and release the water. When the air is released, the air valve will be closed.

4. Open the Aluminum Heat Sink outlet valve, so that if there is no installation and design problem, the radiator will be hot.

Some consumers are decorating the Aluminum Heat Sink with a warm air cover, which affects the cooling effect of Aluminum Heat Sink. If the opening will affect the beauty, you can turn the heat shield upside down and use it to make the heat out of the radiator.