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A Brief Analysis Of The Market Trend Of Industrial Aluminum Extrusion

Jul 06, 2017

A brief analysis of the market trend of industrial Aluminum Extrusion

In recent years, the competition of Aluminum Extrusion market has become more and more intense, and many enterprises have begun the endless price war, which may attract some market resources in the short term, but it is not sustainable. Now everything pays attention to sustainable development, business enterprise also is this reason. Therefore, it is necessary to connect the products and expand the product channels so as to improve the sales level. From the development trend of industrial Aluminum Extrusion, industrial Aluminum Extrusion has the following characteristics:

One is that the trend of large-scale expansion of manufacturers and the trend of vertical integration in the industry is clearly accelerating, and a few rapidly growing high-quality enterprises will become the dominant force in future market competition.

Second, the comprehensive competition ability of enterprises based on scale, technology, brand, management and service is becoming more and more important;

Third, due to the small degree of differentiation of industrial Aluminum Extrusion industry relative to other industries, cost competition is still the key factor of market competition in the future.

Fourth, the economic developed regions will continue to maintain the large and active consumption demand for Aluminum Extrusion accessories, which will help the further development of the advantageous enterprises in the region.

Finally, the pace of the domestic enterprises to enter the international market will be further accelerated, especially in the coastal area already has a good international market development foundation of large-scale enterprise, its exports is expected to remain relatively fast growth.

Because our country is at the middle stage of industrialization, the industrial Aluminum Extrusion main consumption for construction industry, industrial Aluminum Extrusion consumption of all Aluminum Extrusion ratio is much lower than the developed countries. Along with the advancement of China's industrialization process, transportation, electronics and other industries demand for industrial Aluminum Extrusion must be on the rise trend, in the consumption structure of Aluminum Extrusion, the proportion of industrial Aluminum Extrusion consumption is bound to keep rising.

Taking these two questions, we got the following answer from the aluminum manufacturer:

(1) extruding Aluminum Extrusion can play a role in eliminating the metal stress generated in the extrusion process and controlling the size of Aluminum Extrusion.

(2) squeezing straightening: straightening is Aluminum Extrusion bending caused by serious link, straightening, used in the work must pay attention to the straightening force could be on the Aluminum Extrusion deformation, convergent, orange peel, etc., the power is too small will generate profile adjustment is not straight, bend.

Extrusion to frame (3) : this link is also very important, after saw the specified length, Aluminum Extrusion to frame, the fashion frame work will pay attention to: the wait is aniseed or small material, is a tube or flat die out material? Wait in general, aniseed and tube material carry on both ends of the frame is not easy to bend, but small and flat die out of material, carry on both ends of it is easy to cause bending, then it should be from both ends to the middle for carrying frame. But some profiles can't even do that, for example: louvers, window pieces, caps, etc., you must put them in the box on an aging section.

Shelf (4) surface treatment: blank after aging, the hardness is done, Aluminum Extrusion is not so easy to buckle, but stores or to pay attention, when both ends up and try to avoid strong fluctuations up and down, volatility will also vigorously for the limitation of Aluminum Extrusion caused certain bending.