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Industrial aluminum profile

Dec 05, 2016

Industrial aluminum profile meaning English name, Aluminum Profile System, alias: industrial aluminum squeeze material introduction, and industrial aluminum profile, industrial aluminum profile is a to aluminum for main ingredients of alloy material, aluminum Rod through hot melt, extrusion to get different section shape of aluminum material, but added of alloy of proportion different, production out of industrial aluminum profile of mechanical performance and application field also different. Areas of application in General, refers to the building of industrial aluminum profiles Windows and doors, curtain wall, interior decoration and architecture all aluminum aluminum.

Industrial aluminum profile surface after oxidation, looks very nice, and dirty, once applied, the oil is very easy to clean, assemble product, depending on the load-bearing profiles with different specifications, supporting and using aluminum parts, does not require welding, more environmentally friendly, and installation, disassembly, lightweight and easy to carry, very convenient to move.