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China's aluminum processing technology

Dec 05, 2016

China's aluminum processing technology is characterized by advanced and backward simultaneously. Has entered the international advanced technology and equipment in China; and the small and medium enterprises technology and equipment remain in the 20th century 70-90 's level. Thus forming the aluminum processing industry in China is large but not strong, small and none of the current situation, so that the national economy and some needed for modern science, precise, sharp still relies on imported aluminum passive situation.

China aluminum industry market prospects and investment strategy development

In 2012, as China's massive infrastructure investment and the rapid development of industrialization, aluminum profile industry-wide output and consumption growing, and China has become the world's largest aluminum production bases and consumer markets. After nearly 10 years of rapid growth, China's aluminum industry has entered a new stage of development, and has demonstrated a great deal of new trends.

Our industrial aluminum aluminum total application volume is about 30%, mainly used in the transportation industry (including industries such as automobile manufacturing, rail transportation), equipment and machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, durable goods industry (including light), etc, are in the application of aluminum in China compared to about 10%, 10% and 12%. Compared to Europe, North America and Japan in aluminium consumption structure, industrial consumption and 60%, and 40%, respectively, much higher than the. 5-10 is expected in the next year, industrial aluminum consumption in China will continue to grow, in about 30% of aluminum products rose to around 2015 45~50%.

With the development of aluminum industry, excellent aluminum profile production enterprises in China more and more attention to market research, in particular further research on enterprise development environment and customer needs change. Because of this, a large number of excellent brand of aluminum in China rapidly becoming leader in the aluminum industry!

2012 domestic market demand will be more than 4 million tons of aluminum profiles. The future, aluminum will be huge in industrial applications in the field of space, in the existing 124 industrial sectors in China, there are 113 departments using aluminum products, for 91%.