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Aluminum varieties in China

Dec 05, 2016

In 21st century, and scientific development of China aluminum fabrication industrial combine market needs, the traditional aluminum has been completed the transition to a modern aluminum and aluminum varieties in China has changed dramatically. Important features of Chinese aluminum to high performance, high precision, energy-saving, environmentally friendly direction, many products have become well-known brands at home and abroad, enjoy high reputation at home and abroad; steady increase of product quality, product standards in the international advanced level, the primary aluminum manufacturers in addition to standard production, can be directly accepted by the world's most advanced requirements of the national standard orders. This indicates that China's aluminum production has been further internationalized, and to meet the various needs of the national economy and technology of high-grade aluminum major aluminum processing enterprises has instituted a number of internal technical standards.

About 300 kinds of China aluminum alloy, 1500 species, is one of the product's most diverse countries in the world. Among the numerous varieties of aluminum, the emergence of a large number of international advanced product and national brand-name products, represents the modern aluminium processing technology development and application directions.