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Aluminium titanium alloy range

Mar 20, 2019

Titanium is widely distributed in the body, and content for each 70kg in the normal body weight is less than 15mg, its function is unclear. Titanium can stimulate the Phagocytic cells, enhance immunity to this effect has been confirmed.

-Titanium alloy in vacuum coating industries is also widely used, you can create a certain amount of alloy target, magnetron sputtering coating raw materials. Titanium in vacuum coating targets aluminum has many components, common titanium aluminium Atomic ratio (at%), 80::20, 70:30, 90:10, 20:80, 50:50, and 10:90. Titanium aluminum alloys Titanium content of greater than or equal to 50% by vacuum casting production, when Titanium content of aluminium content increases, it can only be produced by powder metallurgy methods in order to meet target requirements. Titanium atom is greater than or equal to 80% titanium alloy forging, rolling.