Small Aluminum Extrusions

Customized all kinds of small aluminum extrusions, own factory, low order, fast production speed

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Small Aluminum Extrusions

small aluminum extrusions

Various aluminum profiles,small aluminum extrusions and profiled products can be customized according to customer needs! New and old customers are welcome to produce and process with drawings and samples, free samples! Our company has a short production cycle, as fast as 5 days for mold opening, 8 days for production, and delivery In time, welcome to inquire and inspect the factory!

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Company Services:

1. Mold development, design and manufacturing

We can design and develop various new products according to customer needs.


2. Aluminum extrusion production

Alloy grades, 6063, 6061, 6005, 6082, 7075, GB/T6892-2006 standard

600-3600 tons of extrusion force

Extrusion circumscribed circle (section size) 5-300mm

Wall thickness above 0.3mm

Aging length of 6 meters

3, profile surface treatment.

Material, anodizing (sandblasting, wire drawing, polishing), electrophoresis, spraying, (powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying), vacuum transfer wood grain, spray paint, crystal swimming, etc.

Fourth, deep processing of aluminum profiles

Sawing, punching, punching, tapping, turning, milling, machining center, welding, bending, bending, fine drawing, (size accuracy up to ±0.03mm)

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