Hexagonal Aluminum Extrusion

The aluminum tube is mainly divided into the following categories: According to the shape: square tube, round tube, pattern tube,hexagonal aluminum extrusion,special-shaped tube; According to extrusion method: seamless aluminum tube and common extrusion tube; According to the precision: ordinary aluminum tube and precision aluminum tube. The precision aluminum tube needs to be reprocessed after extrusion, such as cold drawing, fine drawing and rolling According to the thickness: ordinary aluminum tube and thin wall aluminum tube

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Hexagonal Aluminum Extrusion

hexagonal aluminum extrusion

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hexagonal aluminum extrusion

Aluminum tubes are mainly divided into the following types

According to the shape: square tube, round tube, pattern tube, hexagonal aluminum extrusion,special-shaped tube

According to the extrusion method: seamless aluminum tube and ordinary extrusion tube

According to the precision: ordinary aluminum tubes and precision aluminum tubes, of which precision aluminum tubes generally need to be reprocessed after extrusion, such as cold drawing and rolling.

According to thickness: ordinary aluminum tube and thin-walled aluminum tube

Performance: corrosion resistance, light weight.


  It is a kind of high-strength hard aluminum, which can be strengthened by heat treatment. It has moderate plasticity under annealing, fresh quenching and hot conditions. It has good spot weldability. Aluminum pipes tend to form intergranular cracks when gas welding and argon arc welding are used; aluminum pipes The machinability is good after quenching and cold work hardening, but poor in the annealed state. Corrosion resistance is not good, often use anodizing and painting methods or add aluminum layer on the surface to improve corrosion resistance. It can also be used as a mold material.


  Advantages of aluminum pipes: First, the advantages of welding technology: the welding technology of thin-walled copper-aluminum pipes suitable for industrial production is known as the zero problem and is the key technology for replacing copper with aluminum for connecting pipes in air conditioners.

  The second is the service life advantage: from the perspective of the inner wall of the aluminum tube, since the refrigerant does not contain moisture, the inner wall of the copper-aluminum connecting tube will not corrode.

  The third is the energy-saving advantage: the lower the heat transfer efficiency of the connecting pipeline between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, the more energy-saving, or in other words, the better the heat insulation effect, the more energy-saving.

  Fourth, excellent bending performance, easy to install and move

    Aluminum tubes are widely used in all walks of life, such as: automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electromechanical, household appliances, etc. Aluminum tubes are already ubiquitous in our lives.

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