Galvanised Cable Tray

The galvanized trough cable tray is a fully sealed cable tray, which is shaped like a box, has good shielding performance, and has a high degree of sealing to protect the cable from corrosion and interference. It also has dust-proof performance to avoid unnecessary damage due to damage.

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Galvanised cable tray

galvanised cable tray

The galvanized cable tray is a fully sealed cable tray, which has the general shape of a box, good shielding performance and high sealing performance, which can protect the cable from corrosion and interference, and has dust-proof performance, so as to avoid unnecessary damage caused by damage.

Galvanized trough cable tray application industry: precision instrument power transmission, construction, plant power transmission, hydropower engineering, fire engineering, etc.

Detail Display

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Smooth and shiny appearance

The bridge has a uniform section|No burr|No bending|No bubbles and marks|


Complete specifications can be customized

Strong factory strength sufficient inventory|full specifications|support customization.


    Quality inspection factory

After quality inspection | Do quality | Stress integrity | Professional craftsmanship

All specifications and sizes can be customized

(we are a manufacturer, please contact customer service.)

We will provide the following accessories for each meter of aluminum cable tray:

Aluminum cable tray

Installation Accessories

Four Installation Methods Of Aluminum Cable Tray


Installation Example


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