Extrusion Aluminum

Our company has more than 20 years of extrusion aluminum experience. This extrusion aluminum product is used for assembly line guide rail with simple structure, convenient installation and wide application.

Product Details

Extrusion Aluminum Guide Rail Profile

Extrusion Aluminum

Product Information

materialAluminum 6063-T5
surface treatmentElectrical pulse white sand 、 blue light oxidation

Light load and heavy load structure;

 transmission belt structure;

Product parameters

1 (8)

Extrusion Aluminum Product features



1、Smooth surface, 

no burr in cross section

1 (9)

2、Simple structure, convenient installation, and versatile.

1 (7)

3、One piece, durable

Our company can customize production according to customer's drawings or samples: aluminum processing, extrusion aluminum profiles, precision machining, cutting, drilling, tapping, stamping, turning, milling, welding, assembly and other exquisite technology, and provide a variety of oxidation, sandblasting, silver oxide White (natural color), oxide sanding, gloss, drawing, spraying and other surface treatment, in a variety of colors, such as gold, bronze, wood grain, champagne, black, etc. Welcome to consult, we provide you with the most professional service.

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