Extruded Profiles

Aluminum extruded profiles can be divided into standard aluminum profiles and non-standard aluminum profiles.

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Extruded Profiles

extruded profiles

The application range of aluminum extruded profiles is very wide, they have standard aluminum profiles and non-standard extruded aluminum profiles.

Standard aluminum profile:

Aluminum extrusion frames are widely used in frame systems, assembly lines, conveyors, workbenches, machine guards, stairs and platforms, metal fences, display stands, automobiles, motor aluminum enclosures, bridge systems, containers, elevators, 3D printers, CNC Engraving machine, non-standard automation, hot wire welding machine, automation, laser cutting machine, camera slider, workbench or workbench, robotics, rack, machine guard, CNC milling machine, etc.

aluminum extruded profiles



In order to make the sawing surface of aluminum profiles have a high finish, no burrs, and no secondary processing, it is recommended to use a high-quality professional aluminum profile sawing machine with a special circular saw blade for high-density carbide aluminum profiles.



When installing and connecting, according to the different sizes of aluminum profiles, installation industrial holes must be drilled at the designated positions.



Punch the screw in the center of the end face of the aluminum profile to be connected, tap according to the size of the selected mounting screw, and install the shoe on the lower end of the aluminum profile.


Cutting material

[Cutting method]: Servo feeding

[Effective length: ≥50mm≤6020mm [Cutting accuracy]: Effective length ±0.5mm. [Price unit]: M (1 piece = 1M) [Cutting cost]: Free

[Waste cost]: Consult customer service

Non-standard extruded aluminum profile:

High thermal conductivity of electricity and heat, radiators, radiators, air conditioners, electronic products, building systems, precision pipes, flat extruded profiles, complex extruded profiles, cooling systems.

Lightweight and high strength ratio, railway vehicles, aviation, ships, automobiles.

Corrosion resistant, marine, mining, cable, construction, military and wire.


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