Extruded Aluminum Tubing Shapes

Extruded aluminum tubing shapes include rectangle, circle, triangle, etc.

Product Details

Extruded Aluminum Tubing Shapes


Material introduction:

1) 6063-T5 national standard aluminium profile
2) 97.5% pure
3)aluminium profile with Homogenization.
4)surface colour gurarantee:10 years
5)Lengths: 3-6meters, or based on customer requirement
6) Flexible size and shape based on customer's design


extruded aluminum tubing shapes:

a). Aluminium profiles for auto parts/automotive accessories
b). Aluminium profile for fitness/sports equipment
c). Aluminium profile for baby strolelr/prams
d). Aluminium profiles for medical facilities
e). Aluminium profile for bicycles components
f). Aluminium profile for machinery accessories/prats
g). Aluminum profile with electronic thermal heat sinks  
h). Aluminium tube and  pipe "U"/ "I"/"L"/"O" profile
i). Aluminium profile for Kitchen Cabinets/ cake shape
j). Aluminum profile for furnitures components 
k).Aluminum profile for tent or other stands structures
l). High alloy 7XXX series aluminium profile
m). CNC machined aluminium profiles,(can machining 6 meters long profile)
n). Further processing of aluminum extrusions: precision cutting, cold drawing,straightening,drilling,milling,tapping,bending,twisting,shrinking,punching,stamping,forging,turning,casting,fabication,assembling.
o). Finishing treatment: Anodized, powder coating, electrophoresis, mirror finish, brushed aluminium profiles.


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