Extruded Aluminum Tube

Extruded aluminum tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, which refers to a metal tubular material that is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy by extrusion processing to be hollow along its longitudinal length.

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Extruded Aluminum Tube

Extruded aluminum tube

Aluminum Tube/Pipe

Extruded Aluminum tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, which refers to a metal tubular material that is made of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy by extrusion processing to be hollow along its longitudinal length.There can be one or more closed through holes,with uniform wall thickness and cross section, and delivered in a straight line or in a roll. It is widely used in industries such as automobiles, ships, aerospace, aviation, electrical appliances, agriculture, electromechanical and household appliances.


Extruded aluminum tubes are mainly divided into the following types 

Divided by shape: square tube, round tube, pattern tube, special-shaped tube, global aluminum tube.

According to the extrusion method: seamless aluminum tube and ordinary extrusion tube 

According to the precision: ordinary aluminum tubes and precision aluminum tubes, of which precision aluminum tubes generally need to be reprocessed after extrusion, such as cold drawing, fine drawing, and rolling. 

According to thickness: ordinary aluminum tube and thin-walled aluminum tube

Product Paramenters

Aluminum (Aluminium) Tube/Pipe
Material Grade
1000 series: 1050,1060,1070,1080,1100,1435, etc
2000 series: 2011,2014,2017,2024, etc
3000 series: 3002,3003,3104,3204,3030, etc
5000 series: 5005,5025,5040,5056,5083, etc
6000 series: 6101,6003,6061,6063,6020,6201,6262,6082, etc
7000 series: 7003,7005,7050,7075, etc
Outer Diameter:3-250mm
Wall Thickness: 0.3-50mm
Length: 10mm -6000mm
Surface treatment
Mill finished,anodized,powder coating,Sand blast,etc
Surface colors
Nature, silver, bronze, champagne, black, gloden, etc
As customized
T4 T5 T6 or other special status
aluminum profile for windows/ doors/ decoration/ construction/ curtain wall
China Nation Standard GB/T
Protective film +plastic film or EPE +kraft paper
ISO 9001 2008
1 tons. Usuall 12 tons for a 20 feet contaner; 24 tons for a 40 feet container.
Press Machine
500-4000 tons all together 64 press lines
1. Using our moulds, no fee;
2. Using customer drawing, opening mould, usually about 5 tons the moulding fee is free;
3. Can be diguessed.

Product Applications

Aluminum Tube TentAluminum Water Pipe SystemAluminum Pipe Railing
Special Aluminum PipeAluminum Tube RadiatorShaped Aluminum Pipeline

Product Packaging

Normal PackageCarton Box PackageWooden Case Package

Manufacturing Technique


Extruded aluminum Tube/Pipe Production Process:

The alloy aluminum tube profile is mainly produced by the extrusion method, while the wire rod is produced by the stretching method. The most commonly used extrusion processes are forward extrusion and reverse extrusion. Extruded alloy aluminum pipes and profiles adopt the production process of ingot heating-extrusion-finishing; for heat-treated aluminum alloys that can be strengthened, quenching and aging treatment are also required. The aluminum alloy wire adopts the production process of hot extrusion-annealing-stretching-heat treatment-finishing. The aluminum wire for the conductor is mainly produced in the wire factory, and generally adopts the production process of first continuous casting and rolling to produce aluminum wire rod and then stretching.

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