Extruded Aluminum Angle

Extruded aluminum angle industrial aluminum profiles, widely used in custom heavy frame structures,Free samples welcome consultation.

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aluminum angle extrusion

We are specialized in customized aluminum profile frame, profiled aluminum, etc. This extruded aluminum angle is widely used to customize heavy and medium frame structures

Aluminum profile88X40 mm (support customization)
MetariAluminum (6063-T5)
Unit mass 4.01kg/m
Length6.02m(support customization)
Collection inertialx:72.97cm4 ly:72.97cm4
Cross-section inertiaZach: 18.74 cm3 zy: 18.74 heard

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aluminium angle extrusion

Extruded Aluminum Angle


Arbitrary length cutting, 45 degree angle cutting, special angle cutting, the precision error is small, as low as ±0.3mm-±0.5mm.
aluminum angle profile

Through hole, counter hole, blind hole, mounting hole, the position accuracy and depth of the hole are strictly in accordance with the design drawings.
extruded aluminium angle

Including end tapping and drilling tapping, using suitable lubricants to achieve tap life and precise depth control.
aluminium angle extrusion

It has CNC and other processing equipment, and provides precision machining services such as milling holes, grooves, face milling, and end milling.
aluminium angle profile

aluminum angle extrusion

   Our company can customize production according to customer drawings or samples: aluminum processing, aluminum extrusion profiles, precision machining, cutting, drilling, tapping, punching, turning, milling, welding, assembly and other craftsmanship, and provide various oxidation, Sandblasted, oxidized silver white (natural color), oxidized frosted, bright, brushed, sprayed and other surface treatments, in various colors, such as gold, copper, wood grain, champagne, black, etc.

--After Sales Instructions--

In order to ensure the best service to the customer , we have formulated this after-sales service system, the company solemnly to the users of after-sales service work to do the following commitment:

1.Provide online technical support for customers, and provide consulting services on related issues.

2.From the date of spontaneous delivery, if there is any quality problem or quality objection to our company's customized products, please  contact with us in time. After checking and coordinating, we can return and replace the products in time.

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