Black Aluminium Extrusion

Black aluminium extrusion durable, with excellent corrosion resistance.

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Black Aluminium Extrusion

Black Aluminium Extrusion


Slot width (mm): 6.47

Extrusion profile: T-groove

Hole diameter. (inch): 0.21

Width (inches): 1“

Material: 6105-t5 aluminum

Finish: Black anodizing,Black anodized, durable, excellent corrosion resistance.

Project: frame extrusion

Height (mm): 25.40

For: 10 series

Hole diameter. (mm): 5.20

Type: T-groove

Number of slots: 4

Weight / ft (LB): 0.51

Slot width (inch): 0.26

Grooving: extruding textures


Black aluminium extrusion is divided into V-groove extrusion and T-groove extrusion. V-groove extrusion profile is mainly used for linear motion system. It is ideal for building your own DIY 3D printers, CNC plasma or milling machines, or various other modular applications that require linear motion guides.

T-groove extrusion profile is mainly used to build various frames, widely used in building blocks, clean rooms, conveyor belts, CNC and other frames, etc.

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