Aluminum Extrusion Companies

ZP aluminum extrusion companies specializes in the research and production of various standard aluminum profiles and non-standard aluminum profiles.

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Aluminum Extrusion Companies

aluminum extrusion companies

ZP aluminum is a company specialized in the development and production of aluminum extrusion companies. 

Our factory covers an area of 52000 square meters, has 6 extrusion production lines from 800t to 5000T, and has anodizing production line, wood grain production line, powder spraying production line and molding workshop. We have 6 sets of high precision CNC machining center and 5 punching machines, many drilling machines and welding machines.

aluminum extrusion companies

ZP aluminum specializes in the research and production of various standard aluminum profiles and non-standard aluminum profiles.

Standard aluminum profiles:

Aluminum extrusion frame is widely used in frame system, assembly line, conveyor, worktable, machine shield, stair and platform, metal fence, display rack, automobile, motor, aluminum shell, bridge system, container, elevator, 3D printer, CNC engraving machine, non-standard automation, hot wire welding machine, automation, laser cutting machine, camera slider, workbench or workbench, robot technology , frame, machine shield, CNC milling machine, etc.

Non standard extruded aluminum profiles:

High thermal conductivity of power and heat, radiators, radiators, air conditioning, electronic products, building systems, precision tubes, flat extruded profiles, complex extruded profiles, cooling systems.

Light weight, high strength ratio, railway vehicles, aviation, ships, automobiles.

Corrosion resistant, marine, mining, cable, construction, military and wire.

We provide services ranging from mold design, extrusion production, assembly, cutting, thread drilling to packaging for custom projects to help customers develop new styles and functional products.


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After Sale Instructions

In order to ensure the best service for customers, we have formulated this after-sales service system. The company solemnly promises to the after-sales service of users as follows:

1. Provide on-line technical support for customers and provide consultation service for related problems.

2. From the date of delivery, if there is any quality problem or objection to the quality of our customized products, please contact us in time. After inspection and coordination, we can return and replace products in time.

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