Aluminum Corner Profile

Aluminum corner profile durable and solid, high strength and hardness.Used for fast connection of aluminum profile series.

Product Details

Aluminum Corner Profile

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    Advantages of aluminum corner profile:

    1Durable and solid, high strength and hardness.

    2、Used for fast connection of aluminum profile series.

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aluminum corner profile product description:

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials.

Durable and long service life.

Industrial aluminum profile angle bracket.

Suitable for series aluminum profiles.

When installing, insert them into the pits of the two profiles, and then tighten them with fixing screws.

Please understand: Due to manual measurement, a deviation of 1-2mm is allowed.

Note: Easy to install with screws. Does not include mounting screws.

Aluminum Corner Profile Installation Example:


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To ensure that we provide the best service to our customers, we have developed this after-sales service system. The company solemnly promises the users the following after-sales service:

1. Provide customers with online technical support and provide consulting services on related issues.

2. Since the date of spontaneous delivery, if there are quality problems or quality objections to our customized products, please contact our company in time. After inspection and coordination, we can return the goods in time.

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