Aluminium Extrusion Profile Industry

Our company can produce aluminum profiles for various purposes according to customer drawings or samples

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aluminium extrusion profile industry

aluminum profile

aluminium extrusion

aluminium industry

aluminium extrusion profile industry


Arbitrary length cutting, 45 degree angle cutting, special angle cutting, the precision error is small, as low as ±0.3mm-±0.5mm.
aluminium processing industries

Through holes, countersunk holes, blind holes, mounting holes, the position accuracy and depth of the holes are strictly in accordance with the design drawings.
aluminium extrusion profile industry

Including end-face tapping and drilling tapping, suitable lubricants are used to achieve tap life and precise depth control.
aluminum extrusion profiles

It has CNC and other processing equipment, and provides precision machining services such as milling holes, grooves, face milling, and end milling.
2020 aluminum extrusion

industrial aluminium profiles

aluminium extrusion profile industry

    Our company can customize production according to customer drawings or samples: aluminum processing, aluminum extrusion, precision processing, cutting, drilling, tapping, punching, turning, milling, welding, assembly and other superb processes and provide various oxidation, sandblasting, oxidation Silver white (natural color), oxidized frosted, bright, brushed, sprayed and other surface treatments, there are a variety of colors such as golden, bronze, wood grain, champagne, black and so on.

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