Large Size Aluminum Heatsink

265*45mm Large size aluminum heatsink can be used in the industrial and electronics industries.More than 4000 sets of existing heatsink molds, giving you more choices, saving you mold costs.

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Large size aluminum heatsink

Aluminum Heatsinks are typically used in high-power heat sinks and heat sink systems. We can provide a reliable thermal solution in a natural convection environment based on the proven aluminum extruded profile heat sink technology.

Aluminum extrusion through the mold enables complex heat-dissipating tooth structures. These complex heat-dissipating teeth increase the heat-dissipating surface area while reducing the cost and time of aluminum block processing.

265*45mm Large size aluminum heatsink can be used in the industrial and electronics industries.

lage size aluminum heatsink.jpg

Rectangular large size aluminum heatsink

1. Dimension: 265mm*45mm and as per your requirements.

2.Finished: Anodized silver,Minimum 12 um thickness .

3.Tolerance: Length:±0.5 mm, Extrusion: ±0.1 mm.


Shaped large model aluminum radiator

  1. All kinds of surface treatments and colors areare available. 

  2. 2. Hundreds of free mould are available to choose.

  3. 3. Strict control of your good. No sharp edges or burrs.

More than 4000 sets of existing aluminum heatsink molds

 giving you more choices, saving you mold costs





3- aluminum extruding line from 600-3000T.gif

Precise extruding line

4- 6m CNC.jpg

Cnc processing

5- high quality extrusion aluminum heatsink anodizing by min 12 μm thickness.png


6- QC Strictly check the product.jpg

powder coating line

7-convenient and durable wooden ,frame for loading containers.jpg


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