Extruded Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure

Specializing in the production of extruded aluminum heatsink enclosure, free samples, welcome to request samples.More than 30000 sets of existing heatsink molds, giving you more choices, saving you mold costs.

Product Details



Place of productionFoshan, China
Product nameExtruded Aluminum Heatsink Enclosure
Model NumberZP-64-40
Materialaluminum 6063-t5
Size64*40*82 mm, Custom design
Tolerance0.01 mm
ApplicationElectronic heat dissipation, power tube heat dissipation
Sample ServiceDifferernt sizes are availabe for prototypes test


This extruded aluminum heatsink enclosure is mainly used for electronic heat dissipation and power tube heat dissipation. The shape and size are customized according to customer requirements, using aluminum extrusion and CNC production technology, and the size is 64*40*82mm.


More than 30000 sets of existing aluminum heatsink molds

 giving you more choices, saving you mold costs


--After Sales Instructions--

In order to ensure the best service to the customer , we have formulated this after-sales service system, the company solemnly to the users of after-sales service work to do the following commitment:

1.Provide online technical support for customers, and provide consulting services on related issues.

2.From the date of spontaneous delivery, if there is any quality problem or quality objection to our company's customized products, please  contact with us in time. After checking and coordinating, we can return and replace the products in time.


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