Aluminium Heat Sink

High Performance Custom Made aluminium heat sink manufacturers aluminum 6063 Heatsink 400mm for Industrial.More than 30000 sets of Aluminium heat sink molds, giving you more choices, saving you mold costs.

Product Details

Aluminium Heat Sink


Place of productionFoshan, China
Product nameAluminium Heat Sink
Model NumberZP-125-45
Materialaluminum 6063-t5
Size125*45*220 mm, Custom design
Tolerance0.01 mm
ApplicationFrequency conversion equipment,High power equipment
Sample ServiceDifferernt sizes are availabe for prototypes test

Aluminium Heat Sink


1. The section of the aluminium heat sink is flat and smooth

2. This type of aluminium heat sink is one-piece extrusion molding, with high and dense tooth density

3. This type of aluminium heat sink has high overall strength, large heat storage, fast heat conduction and good heat dissipation effect

--Product Details--

--Design Parameters--


Dense tooth aluminum profile Heat Sink

--Aluminium Heat Sink Tooth Profile Characteristics--

heat sink-1.jpg






 Tooth shape 1: The thickness of the tooth tip and the tooth root are the same, the multiple is less than 10 times, and the structure adopts natural heat dissipation.











heat sink-2.jpg



Tooth shape 2: small tooth top, large tooth root, forming a certain dimension, high multiple, forced air cooling products, lighter without reducing performance.

heat sink-3.jpg


Tooth shape 3: The tooth tip is small and the tooth root is large, forming a certain size. The tooth surface increases the bite and the surface area is designed. The bite size is inversely proportional to the multiple.

We provide more than 30,000 sets of standard aluminum heat sink molds for you to choose, which not only saves mold opening costs, but also provides you with customized services.

At present, the commonly used types of heat sink aluminum profile are: electronic, electrical, computer heat sink, sunflower aluminum profile, power semiconductor heat sink, etc.

Aluminum alloy heat sink is widely used in machinery, automobile, wind power generation, engineering machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries because of its superior performance

--After-Sales Service Description--

In order to ensure that we provide the best service to our customers, we have developed this after-sales service system. The company solemnly promises users the following after-sales service:

1. Provide online technical support to customers and provide consulting services on related issues.

2. From the date of spontaneous delivery, if there are quality problems or quality objections of our customized products, please contact our company in time. After inspection and coordination, we can return the goods in time.

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