Aluminium Heat Sink

High-grade customized aluminium heat sink manufacturers, diameter from 61mm to 84 mm , more free molds items against your contact and any customized dimensions are welcome.More than 4000 sets of existing heatsink molds, giving you more choices, saving you mold costs.

Product Details

    Aluminum radiator is a very important series of products in ZP. From 2014 to now, we have hundreds of moulds of our own, with standard and customized sizes, suitable for daily necessities and industrial products. The product quality meets the high quality requirements of the United States and European countries. We have oxidation, powder spraying, Buddha carbon spraying, etc. for surface treatment. I'm fully confident there must have some. Products of interest to you

8-Different series of aluminum heatsink display

More than 4000 sets of existing aluminum heatsink molds

 giving you more choices, saving you mold costs



Brand name


Product Name

Aluminium Heat Sink


62mm*61mm or 84mm*61mm and as per Your Requirements


with standard and customized sizes



Sample Leadtime 

10 Days


Normal Color(silver/black/steel gray),Customized Color


Precision Cutting up to ±0.5 mm by Customized size


Anodized, Minimum 12 um thickness

Surface Treatment Optional

Mill, Anodizing, Powder coating, Electrophoresis, , Polished and Brushe, Galvanized ,Fluorocarbon Coating

Deep Processing

Fine cutting ,Drilling ,Tapping ,Mechanical polishing ,etc


Length:±0.5 mm, Extrusion: ±0.1 mm

  Aluminium Heat Sink has the characteristics of good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect, and is the most widely used radiator type on the market.

It is widely used in: 5G communication, base station, UPS, charging pile, machinery, automobile, wind power generation, engineering machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, computer service area, lamp LED lamp, household appliances and other industries.

Machined Heat sink Examples

Aluminum profile sun flower Heat sinkAluminum profile sun flower Heat sink has the characteristics of good heat dissipation performance and good energy saving effect, and is widely used in the lighting industry, computer, chassis industry, etc
Aluminum profile close tooth Heat sinkAluminum profile close tooth Heat sink,It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, mechanical properties, anti-corrosion, good heat dissipation, easy molding, etc.It is widely used in: 5G communication, base stations, UPS, charging piles, machinery, automobiles, wind power, engineering machinery, air compressors, railway locomotives, computer service areas, LED lights, household appliances and other industries.
Aluminum Shell Heat sinkAluminum Shell Heat sink High overall strength, large heat storage, fast heat conduction and good heat dissipation effect,Can do a variety of surface treatment to ensure surface smoothness, suitable for a variety of working environment
Aluminum fold Heat sinkAluminum fold Heat sink,The long plate is cut into pieces at a certain angle through a mechanical action and is straight, and repeatedly cut to form a gap structure with a consistent order. It is used to solve the heat dissipation of high-power devices under the condition of air-cooled heat dissipation. 8-15% cooling efficiency.

Why choosing us?

ZP is a professional aluminum heat sink  manufacturers , We specialized in the developing heat sink profiles industrial filed  and  led aluminum housing, as a dedicated manufacturer, we have below advantages:

1. The company can maintain comprehensive control over product quality in international industrial standards. The production base has been contributing to the aluminum industry for more than 10years.


2. FOSHAN ZP ALUMINUM CO., LTD has 6 extrusion lines with maximum pressure varying from 600 tons to 3000 tons.


3. The deep processing of aluminum products includes reshaping, CNC,stamping, fine cutting, groove milling, flatmilling, boring, drilling, tapping, mechanical polishing, etc.


A: Can i have a sample order ?

Q: Yes, we welcome sample order including all accessories to test and check quality. Mix samples are acceptable


A: Payment term?

   T/T and L/C.

   Sample: full payment.

   Order:Payment is 30% deposit ,70% balance before delivery for the container order.

A: What is the lead time ?

Q: Standard items usually on stock and can delivery any time. Customized items takes 5-7 days for tooling and 2-3 days for samples production.


A: How to deal with the faulty ?

Q: Firstly, our defective rate is strictly controlled less than 0.5%. Secondly, we shall replace or send all new ones equals to defective ones.


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